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  1. satxmow

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    Hey guys! Let me tell you what happened today and can you please tell me if i charged too much?my girlfriend took a call today around 2:00 from a regular that asked me to put up lights today. Well at first she explained that i could not today since i have a full time job and get off at 4:30 and also explained would not be able to go till saturday since tomorow being christmas eve. she please it is only a couple of lights and will take less than an hour. my girlfriend is kindhearted so she asked me to go today after work. i explained i have a check up on my truck and can not be there till 6:30. Well the lady said that is fine as long i get there to help with the lights. my girlfriend told her i had no equipment with me. the lady said fine she has all the lights and everything i need. well i get there and start putting up lights and right away i could it was going to take longer than 1 hour. it took 4.5 hours, it was cold and dark on top of this i even gave her 2 pack of 450 lights free. at the end she asked me how much. i told her $120. she looked at me like wow that is alot. i did not say anything and she paid the $120. so that is it what do you think? did i charge alot?:(
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  3. rkbrown

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    for 4.5 hours of labor ? Definitely not too much !!!
  4. satxmow

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    I think I charged ok but I'm new so I'm still trying to figure how to charge. by the way hope everybody has a great christmas.
  5. Jusmowin

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    I would of charged my hourly rate ($50) plus the cost of the lights. So, 4.5 hours labor =$225+ the cost of the lights. We all are legit biz owners and have bills too so dont be affraid to charge for your work. Ill bet the shop where you take your truck has an hourly rate so this is why you should too, so be proud of your work and dont let them talk you down as your time is money. Merry Christmas
  6. Pecker

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    You should have charged an additional fee for breaking your schedule and being there on short notice (and another one for the insulting look she gave you!).
  7. J Hisch

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    I only install what we sell, we keep what we sell to keep accountability of the lighting. that way it is not tampered with. You are liabile if something goes wrong with the lights becasue of the installation. (fire due to overload) Just like if you install irrigation or landscape. But your price was extremely low so dont feel bad about it. We charge minimum 500.00 per house with lights being about 150.00 to purchase. the rest is our labor. charge another 120.00 to take down also and you wont be out that bad.
  8. WeatherMan

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    you got ripped and she got a deal I have a min. of 450.00 a house, and with last min. request like that theres a extra 100.00 added on
  9. satxmow

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    thanks for the replys. next time i will know better and i will charge for a take down.

    hey j hisch the price you quote does that already include take down or would that be extra ?

    same question to weatherman?
  10. J Hisch

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    Take down is included but 500 minimun isnt much lighting. it might be pre-lit garland around front door. 24'pre-lit wreath and a few samll ornamental trees. about 1.5-2.0 hrs. work. we also make money warehousing the lights all year.

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