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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by barney5203, Dec 12, 2001.

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    hi am new to the lawncare world i haved help my bother who got in last year and and it went well for him but it all residential i would like to git a few commercaial accts for myself but i do not no how to price a job can someone tell me how do you price a job that is commercial that should take no then1 or 2 hours thank you all and have a nice x-mass barney5203.:angel:
  2. Either of the 2 you should figure some kind of an hourly rate you will be wanting to make.

    You will have, overhead, taxes, fuel, isurance, etc....

    Do you have equipment yet.

    Do you have a business plan?

    Do you have a vehical to get you there? (a truck)

    Do you have a target area?

    Give some info so we can help. If you have more than what was asked write it also.

    My smart azz twin is gone. I am serious here.
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    Mayby a new sub-contractor for you LGF.:D

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