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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JKOOPERS, Nov 22, 2004.


    JKOOPERS LawnSite Bronze Member
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    when you go to the dealer to buy a new piece of equipment and say the price says $300 . do you try to talk them down or do you just take it at the sticker price? everytime i go to my dealer i can always talk them down from at $50 to a few hundred.
  2. LCME

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    My local dealer will not change the price. But, will let you know if a sale is coming. Or, if you buy a new mower they would give you some other equipment for free. Like a bp blower.
  3. DennisF

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    There is not enough profit margin on small power tools for most dealers. On large ticket items like ZTR's they can and do usually deal on the price. Unless the manufacturer of a product offers a sale to the dealer, most will not cut the list price.
  4. CamLand

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    Power equipment my dealer will give 10% off .As for the big ticket equipment being that I have bought ztr before i can get a pretty decent discount depending on what it is of course that i'm purchasing...

    JKOOPERS LawnSite Bronze Member
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    everything i have bought from mine i have at least got $50 knocked off. even trimmers and chain saws. the sticker price is usually the price that they would sell to just anybody. i will never buy anything at the sticker price at my dealer.
  6. Gautreaux's LNG

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    Margins are very tight on Handheld equipment. Very little margin to play with. Usually it you buy a mower you can get some great deals. Or if you're buying more than one item at a time. Dealer & Brand loyalty will save you some money also.
  7. DennisF

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    from Florida
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    The dealer you have must be a very high volume seller. The dealers in my area are small and unable to reduce the price on most products since they don't sell a lot of different brands. Most of the dealers in this area sell Stihl or Shindaiwa and they don't keep a lot of products in stock which means most items have to be ordered with a 1-3 day wait. That's why many of us can't get discounts on small power tools (trimmers, edgers, etc.) unless we order 5 or 6 pieces at one time. The dealers will give volume discounts on large orders. Golf courses, Large LCO's, County Governments can get discounts on some equipment if they buy in large volumes.
  8. lawncat

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    Our dealer does not discount too much--a few bucks here and there--but he gives first class service to us commercial people, fast, reliable, loaners--all that is worth more than a few bucks off. He does give us 10% off on all 2 cycle stuff for a year after purchasing a machine and is real good at advance warnings on sales! He also has 2 days a year when any and everything is 10 to 15% off. Seems to me that us commercial guys that buy all our stuff from him always seem to get a few bucks off here and there, and we are always welcome"after hours" for a tall cool one....

    I make a profit at what I do--I expect our dealer to also make a profit so that he will be here a few years down the road to provide the "service after the sale".
  9. twwlawn

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    I get a 10% to 20% discount from dealers due to the amount that I have spent already. Having good dealer support and spending that big amount at first is rewarding to me in the long run.

    JKOOPERS LawnSite Bronze Member
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    well thats what i did evry piece of equipment that i have bought i bought from my dealler and no one else.

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