Prices for a lawn...horrible!

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by ff279, Apr 27, 2005.

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    Bounce........willl do no good explaining why your costs are certain numbers. She could care less , she is just looking 4 a cheap price. She's not gonna change because you compare it to gas prices or grocery prices, etc.

    Had a guy stop me 2 weeks ago & ask 1. how much to cut a lawn like this?

    2. How much for XX square feet with 4 trees & house to trim around & edging

    3. After I say I need to look at it he finally gives me an address & i say I'll look at it later that day.

    1 hour later he leaves me a voice mail saying, "me & my wife discussed it & we think we better hold off on the estimate now".

    All he wanted was for me to say I do yards for "$10 - $15" & he would have said go ahead & put us on schedule. When I did not he lost interest. Price shoppers are a waste of time. I do not go to BMW dealerships & waste their time because I know I can not afford one. If these people can not afford or do not want to let go of a decent amount of money for me to sweat in their yard, they should not waste my time.

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