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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by cash_money, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. cash_money

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    can somebody post there price per sgft or per acre for mowing? Also what do you charge for fert like on 1/4 acre and anwhere between that and one acre?if if its more than one acre like two acres do you double the price of one acre? also what lesco for would you use in ohio like a five step program. any help i would like. i'm getting set up on price for next year cause this year i low balled to get some work. i also will be having some guys work with do mowing how much do you pay them an hour i was thinking bout 10 or 15 and hour. also how much do you charge to spread mulch like per yard to charge the customer, what your guys hourly rate to spread mulch? how much do you get the much for i'm getting it for 22.00 a yard.
  2. tiedeman

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    pricing for sq ft usually doesn't work out that well. I remember when I tried that technique about 6 years ago I priced myself out of a great lawn. It was about 4 acres flat open space, and I priced it at $565. Way too much!!!
  3. cash_money

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    anybody else i want to get an early start on making out my prices for next year.
  4. RyanD

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    i bid based on how much time I think it will take. I do remeber hearing a guy on here talking about pricing per sq ft as: $20 charge plus $1 per 1000 sq ft. Little cheap in my area but that is one method I have seen used. I think bidding based on how much time you think it will take works better. And as I have heard so many times and found to be true, know your costs. You can't figure out what to charge per sq ft unitl you know what it costs YOU to mow a 1000sq ft.
  5. daveintoledo

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    then decide on the profit margin, thats your cost, you bid on a few, make mistakes, and learn to do better next time. every state and area pricing is different, what works for someone in one area wont work in another

    you have to be licensed to apply fertilizer in ohio, and you are too young, if you get caught doing it, your PARENTS will have to pay the 10 thousand dollar fine.... and you will get caught, leave that to licensed applicators....

    and how do you pull your 12 foot trailer at 13, just curious.......

    you need to get an adult to help you get insurance and register your business, and you have to pay sales take on the money you make in ohio, the percentage is based on the town you are working in,

    lots more to it then just mowing the grass....
  6. TScapes

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    I price based on sq footage. However, I offer full service (mowing, turf apps, mulching, etc.). My prices are based on equipment used, labor rate, etc. It really depends on the job. I do strictly commercial, so a $30 residential yard wouldn't be worth it for me unless I got several in the same neighborhood. It is strictly relative to you and your costs, market, competition, etc. As a rule of thumb though, if you can figure out how long it takes you to 1/4 acre, acre, or more, then you can figure your costs in. Remember to include what it costs you to operate each piece of equipment that you would be running, how long it would take you to operate it, load and unloading, travel time and any miscellaneous costs, gas, insurance, workman's comp, etc.

    See where I am going with this?
  7. cash_money

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    i was born in june 1990 so i'm 15 right now thats why i said i want to get my prices for next year.
  8. cash_money

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    my dad is going to go and get licensed so he will be doing all the fert for me.

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