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Discussion in 'Network: South' started by Miguel Perez, Feb 17, 2006.

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    Been doing my business for a year and was just wondering about prices, in the Central Florida area. For mulch i charge around $65.00 that includes the mulch. And Sod around $450. a pallet includes labor and material where i get confuse is how much i should charge for the prep work of the sod how much is the going rate, for the labor of prep work for it just me and a helper. Just asking.
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    if you are charging 450.00 a pallet for sod that should include the prep work, if not then you are way overcharging. to break it down, sod goes for between 85 to 125 for a 400sqft pallet, so that would be over 300 net per pallet, a typical yard in orlando would take roughly 6-7 pallets to resod a whole yard at your current price of 450 a pallet would cost a customer 2700-3150 to resod. there are companys around here that have been in buisness for a long time that do this for almost half of what you charge. i have a neighbor that got out of the buisness to be in law enforcement and he was charging 250 a pallet, and that included everything.

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