Prices on 2002 dixie xxwd5000 72" diesel

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TMlawncare, Mar 22, 2002.

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    What prices have you guys seen from dealers on a new 2002 xxwd5000 72" diesel mower. I went to four different dealers in three states (about a 120 mile radius) and found that list price is approx $17800 and commercial price is about $16800. Commerical price is the price that dixie recommend its dealers sell their products for to lawn care professionals. Three dealers would not budge even a dollar off the commercial price. The other dealer went down to $16400, thats what I ended up paying. All the dealers stated that the 2002's were about $800 higher due to special financing offers and changes made to the 2002 model.

    I was browsing the net and found a guy that just ordered a 2002 for $14000. The best price I have ever found was $15600 on a new 2001 model..........What have you guys found price wise.
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    Well I'm the guy that got it for 14k before taxes, it was 14,700 after taxes. I feel I got an excellant deal on it. Sure it a mark up in them. I wonder what the dealer gets them for? I am looking forward to picking up my mower here in about two to three weeks.

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