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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by spitfire3416, Jan 20, 2014.

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    I've seen the trucks with the prices driving around and I would agree with both sides. A decent marketing strategy. But I would think most people know the range of price for a lawn cut. No way I will charge $100 for a single lot. It would definitely help with the folks who are price based, but might get the sticklers who want a triple lot done for $25 as well.
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    What you are thinking of putting on the truck doesn't apply to everyone who would be buying from you.

    However you phrase it, it would have to apply to every potential buyer…which is pretty hard to do…"as low as $25 per cut" only applies to properties YOU are willing to cut for $25.

    If I have a lawn that you would never charge "as low as $25 per cut", based on your truck signage I'm still going to expect that a basic cut for my lawn is going to be $25…I'm going to assume that a $25 cut is a possible option for me to choose. Then when you show up and tell me that I don't have that option and a basic cut for my lawn is $45, you have put up a barrier ($20 more than I was anticipating spending and I start thinking that you are trying to squeeze an additional $20 out of me). This barrier then has to be removed/overcome so that I can feel comfortable in making my purchasing decision. Your advertisement got your phone to ring but it made your sales process more difficult because you are inadvertently adding unnecessary barriers.

    Another way to phrase it would be to include a property size…"Prices as low as $25 per cut for 1/4 acre properties call for details" or "1/4 acre properties starting at $25 per cut call for details". A message like that, tells me that if I have a 1/2 acre property I can expect a higher price.
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    Good point.
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    So you expect to pay 19.99 for a uhual truck aw?
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    No, that is not what their advertisement says on that truck. First off, if you read the sign you would see that it says $19.95 not $19.99 and there is a restriction and additional charges that apply. That advertisement reads "Now only $19.95 In-Town Plus mileage". A possible option is to get a vehicle for strictly "in-town" (their specified radius) usage "plus mileage"...I have to pay their price per mile for each mile I drive and their advertisement says nothing about gas being included in their deal so the natural assumption is that I will have to supply my own gas. There advertisement also says nothing about time limits but I will assume that it is less than forever but a somewhat reasonable time frame that a renter might be able to accomplish something…I'll find that out later. So it is $19.95, I won't be able to drive it far and I will need to return it before my time allotment expires and I will have to pay their mileage fee and I will have to supply my own gas. So yes, that is an option that either of us can actually purchase.

    "As low as $25 per cut" is NOT an option that everyone can purchase.
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    It's so obvious you've been in business, in the right way. Details, details! :clapping:
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    you make a good point. maybe putting it on my trailer wouldn't work. i do wanna try and do this on my postcards this spring though. maybe i'll do the "as low as $25" in areas where I know i charge $25-35 and "as low as $35" in areas where I know I charge $35-45. this way it would be a little more tailored to the area i'm in. what do you think about that? they could read "Lawns in your area are going for as low as $35 per cut, call us now for your free estimate"
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    No problem with sending different postcards to different areas but when you start putting prices on them you risk losing a potential client if he/she happens to get the "$35" card but has a $25 property and knows he/she has a $25 property…they won't call you…Had you not listed prices or had given them the right card, they might have called.

    Try not to over think it too much. K.I.S.S.

    Concentrate on selling yourself, your services, your ability…not your price.
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    Why not put
    "Weekly lawn service starting at $25.00
    Call for your no obligation price quote."

    Your not locked in a set price.
    Make the 25 huge to catch the eye.

    We used to put out door hangers that would say

    To cut, trim and edge a lawn about your size would be between $35 and $45 per service visit
    Call today for a free estimate on your lawn.

    When a potential customer calls they already decided that the point of entry is acceptable to them. 35 sounds ok and 45 didn't scare them away. It allowed the opportunity to quote a higher price then the 35.
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    "Why not"? Because he admitted that some weekly lawn services that he will be offering won't ever start at $25. For some people a $25 cut is not an option that is open to them so the price for them doesn't start at $25…It starts higher…40% higher.

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