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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by spitfire3416, Jan 20, 2014.

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    That's why they should call for their no obligation price quote.
    The object of advertising and offers is to make the phone ring.
    Then sales skill take over.
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    True. I guess I just have this thing about wanting my advertisements to be truthful and for me, I find the "Weekly lawn service starting at $25.00" to be less than truthful since some don't start at $25. If it was me, I'd want my first message to a potential client to be an honest message.
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    There is nothing wrong saying starting at ______price. If that's the minimum charge.

    How can you word an "honest ad " that thousands could see? Something needs to get attention.
    "Weekly lawn service starting a price that cant be fully determined until we completely examine your property for fences, gates, garden hoses and dog waste. Call today for your overly complicated price quote!

    The above is to be considered humor.

    The object of advertising is making the phone ring and people visiting business's and then selling service or product.

    If they don't feel that the price and value are worth it they will not hire you.
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    I gave two suggestions in post #22:

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    I get what your saying about 1/4 or 1/2 acre but truthfully most consumers don't know how big their property is. The wives all have a small yard and the husband has a large yard. The wife thinks its not that big because when her husband cut it, it only took him 45 minutes. The husband thinks its huge because it took him 45 minutes to cut it.
    If you do fertilizing you will understand the fact that customers don't know what size their lawn is.
    They will tell you they put down about a bag when they did it. Then they show you a bag that covers 15k and you measure the lawn at 6k.
    Landscapers talk in acres customers talk in big or small.

    Regardless the object is still to get the phone to ring.
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    I understand what you're saying too.

    If we go back and look at the U-Haul advertisement (which seems to be working for them), that ad tells us what they are selling (truck rentals - thanks to branding), when the offer is good for ("Now"), the price ("$19.95"), where we can use it ("In-Town"), and that extra fees above and beyond the $19.95 do apply ("Plus Mileage")

    Here is what their ad says:
    "Now only $19.95 In-Town Plus mileage"

    That's an honest ad that millions will see and anyone who can rent a truck can rent it at that price…it's an option for every one of them.
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    I did this in 2012 except I put it on the back window of the truck. This way when the gate was down I was still advertising. Also, I put minimum. It deffinately got the phone ringing and I was running all over town giving estimates. For the most part people understood. Some didn't, but when you get there up sell everything. Let them know that your price on the ad is strictly for cutting grass and trimming bushes, treating beds are extra. Also a good time to sell enhancements (mulch, flowers, etc). Like you said it will get the phone to ring. Or you could take that $40 estimate and let them know that your price is for anual contracts that averages the price over 12 months so $100 per month that you may cut 26 times at $25 each over 6 months ends up being a $46 cut. Just make sure they know cancelation fees apply.
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