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    I contacted a few landscapers recently, They had some used mowers for sale and I need a Pros opinion on the prices they gave me.

    48" Scag w/ 14 kaw (2 years old) comes with a velky & metal catcher - belt driven & in good cond. (transmission slipped & needs rekeyed)

    He wants $1,200.00

    48" Encore - hydro - (5 years old) - 12 1/2 kaw
    comes with metal catcher

    he wants $1,500.00

    48" Encore - belt driven - 17 kaw. good condition 1.5 years old
    with a velky & catcher

    He wants $1,700.00

    All of these were used heavily but I need a another mower, are these prices good for used equipment.


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    Those are all average prices for a used walk-behind. Just use common sense when checking them out....... maint. records, overall condition, and such. I'd stay away from any abused looking stuff. Ridden hard and put up wet isn't a deal any way you look at it. If this purchase is to be an up-grade from your other mower and now will become your primary mower, you might consider new.

    (P.S. If the transmission & jackshafts are sloppy, I'd pass on it.):eek:
  3. Some new belt drive 48" mower are only $2000.

    If the trannies bad on the scag you are looking at $200.

    They sound like they are good deals, but new mowers and financing are not far out of your reach.

    There is usually a reason they are being sold, I for one get rid of problem mowers as fast as I can.

    Good Luck LGF

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