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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by rmartin, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. rmartin

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    I went to the local Lesco yesterday to check out the seasons new equipment and products. I was beyond amazed at the prices of their fertilizers and other products. I questioned the manager who told me that the delivery fees they are getting charged are huge. I know that the trucking Co's need to recoup their costs as does the supply companies but when we start to try and makeup the difference with our customers, eventually we are gonna start losing some....Even I cannot see spending over 6-bucks (my price) for a bag of lime, when I can get the same exact thing at a home improvement store for
  2. Green-Pro

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    I had the opposite experience my supplier (ProSource One) went up in price but about 5% less than I anticipated in some cases and even no price increase on two of the products I use. The highest increase on any product I use was 10%, I felt like I'd nearly saved money when getting this news in comparison to what I'd budgeted.
  3. southernsprayguy

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    You need to go back to school and learn how to write.
  4. Green-Pro

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    I'll take that under consideration, after all your opinion means so much to me, friend :)
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    I'm a bit surprised that all fert. manufacturers haven't gone up more in price than they already have. Increases in oil/fuel prices affect everyones margin yes, but the huge increases in the cost of natural-gas have really made the cost of urea go through the roof. Even more farmers are going belly up because of these increases that eat into a already slim bottom line. I checked some retail prices for homeowners on fert. weed-n-feed etc, and many have gone up 12-15 percent. Maybe the next administration will get a set of *alls and allow more drilling/exploration in Alaska after side-stepping the "save the Caribou" crowd.
  6. YardPro

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    green pro..
    keep this thread saved to refer him to when he rambles on or has typo's or grammar errors
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    Thanks YardPro but you really should watch your manners regarding southernspoogeguy

    We are obviously basking in the sun of his superiority LOL!!

    Got to go beautiful day to apply and I'm running waaaayyyyy behind :)

    have a safe and highly productive day everyone
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    Prices are up all over. I just priced out food etc. for a party i hold every spring. To have what i had last year will cost me 17% more. My cell bill went up, cable tv, everything is way, way up. As far as lesco goes, their prices are too high, in my opinion, but they do offer a great product. I've tried different distributors in the past. They beat Lesco on price, but the quality is inconsistent, and it takes several phone calls to talk to my sales rep about anything, where with lesco I walk in someone is there. I had a problem with a shrub that I couldn't figure out, and my lesco guy came out to the property with me and helped diagnose it. That is worth a couple of bucks a bag to me.
    As far as the "administration growing a set of "blanks" and drilling in the arctic", that is aload of turkey litter. Drilling in the arctic won't bring prices down. The oil companies are robbing us blind, raking in ridiculously high profits, setting records with the money they make. And we just bend over and take it. Maybe we will get an administration who doesn't owe their vast collective personal fortunes to the oil companies.
  9. Agri-AFC

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    Now I'm sure he didn't mean that in an insulting way. You have to admit, your grammer wasn't great but we all make mistakes.
  10. vegomatic40

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    Me being the mean-spirited-capitalist that I am (non-socialist), I'm all for everyone making as much money as they can while staying within the limits of the law. Including you. Updistay. My point is that it's the same old basic supply and demand laws of business. If the supply is exceeded by the demand the price is inflated and the margins reflect this. If a glut of light-crude hit the market the price would go down. Get it? Another overlooked part of this equation is the amount of refineries being built in the USA due to opposition from the extreme left-enviro. groups...that would be ZERO since 1978. Foreign owned oil companies are anything but blameless in this escalating problem. Turkey litter? I like mine dry with side order of logic.

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