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Central, IA
I think these prices are high, but what do you guys think, at my toro dealer, you can get a 44" belt drive walk behind new for $3200, and a new hydro 52" for $5000, i didnt check on the engines, but i think that it is the 20 kohler on the hydro, but im not sure about the belt drive. Are these prices about what your dealers are charging? Thanks


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Just about right on the 44. If you wait til Jan or Feb they usually run a special and you can get it for around 2900-3000. I don't know about the hydro.


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I purchased a Toro 44 gear back in 96. Local dealer never gave me an actual price, just said "About 3,000". I drove 80 miles and bought from another dealer for $500.00 less and also got two sets of extra blades and a set of Jungle Wheels.

Check some dealers in any bigger cities around you.