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Im just sitting here trying to come up with marketing ploys.
What is the cost involved with your average say $30.00 job

I figure if you did your home work on what area to market this stratigy you could gain at least 3 accounts in one day.
The idea is for the new guy with more time spen not cutting than cutting grass. Target a specific hood and offer the first cut for free.
Limited to the days schudule on a specific day .......yada yada

Call today to resurve your free cut..also up sale up sale upsale.

ANY HOW if the true cost is $10 for first and $5 for every one after then if you did this to 5 houses cost would be less than $50
assuming that you are working on your marketing.. just as many of you do and donot get paid for it...

PLEASE RESPOND let me know if im crazy!!!


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Don't ever give the first cut away free, what if they used you once and then told you never to come back? Personally, I don't give anything away free, this is my job, it's what pays the bills, it's how I buy everything I need and want. Nobody else gives things away free and I know I'm not. JMO. If you are going to give something away free maybe you could at least make it like the 5th or 6th cut.

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If i offer first cut free it is a guarenteed year contract no cancellation unless they pay a $150 early termination fee. CEll phones can do it, why cant we?

Green Gopher

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I agree with ECM you will get used.

It has been my experience the first cut is more work anyway. So if you are going to give away a free mow how about fourth or fifth mow.

In my area you also get a lot of Saturday scabs that drive neighborhood to neighborhood and walk up unannounced and say "Mow your lawn for $10". So if you went door to door people might start associating you with that kind of a group.

Just my two cents.


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Gopher is right, always offer free stuff after you already gotten paid for some cuts or work, never offer up front freebies


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Thank you for your input.

I havent even started my company yet ,it will be a model company till i learn and save enuff for the equipment. I just know that the leaning curve will be easyer after ive been put to work so to speak....thats the reason for the first cut free method.

I look at it as if time is money and the chances of loosing a potential client due to .....hi your my first lawn....hehehe. Then i need to invest money in addition to the price of equipment and trailer get some real world experiance..... thats why i said 5 jobs lol

I do have alot to learn and i am excited about and the folks that make it what it is..

Thank you
P.s that was my first post and this is the first reply........experiance .....gotta start somewhere

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