pricing a 24' enclosed trailer

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by carcrz, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. carcrz

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    What do these go for these days? dual 3500 lb axles. drop gate. Side door. New or used.
  2. me1223

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  3. tjsquickcuts

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    It really depends on what brand trailer. I am in talks with one of my customers who is a well know rapper to buy a enclosed trailer and have it wrapped with his Album cover, Due Date, etc....I think this is a pretty neat idea that I threw his way that he liked. Could turn out to be a win win situation. He gets exposure for his up and coming artist, as well as Album Release dates. I have always said once I bought enclosed, I would sell advertising space on my trailer. Bascially a sponsorship for my trailer.....But I have seen prices from 5500 to 8000.....Just depends on who built the trailer....
  4. Triple L

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    Except Miska builds some of the most herendious trailers I've ever seen, everthing is garbage on those things (landscape trailers) maby thier enclosed are a bit better but buddy has one and says never again! I've seen prices as high as 14K for a nice car hauler with the tool box + bench up front, smooth siding, generator door.....
  5. carcrz

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    I found a 24' (I think an 01) for $4500. New bearings on one of the axles. Newer tires all around. It's a neighbor that used it to go to the Sand Dunes in OK. They bought a dune buggy & had to get a 32'er
  6. P.Services

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    i would get boggie wheels on the back if you buy one new. they are the best option i got on mine. the next best thing i got was 3/4'' plywood walls so i can hang racks anywere

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