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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by fshrdan, Jul 24, 2008.

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    Hi guys,
    I did a quick search for this topic but found nothing. We're bidding on landscape installs for remote cell phone towers. The management company is very concerned with establishing a hand watering program, since we don't guarantee plantings that are not irrigated. This seems to be the only bottleneck in the bid process.

    How many of you guys offer this service, and how do you price it? Time data or anything you might have would be appreciated. We are currently not equipped for this, but I know it'd be easy to set up with a 300 gal tank and a small pump. No water is available at the sites, so we'd fill remotely and haul to the job. Thanks in advance for any input.
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    Just charge your labor x 2 plus the water charge. One for your laborer and one for the equipment you will need. So if you rate is 50 a man hour you will charge 100/hour plus material. The additional man hour will cover the truck, tank, hose, pump.
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    Pickup, tank and guy-$85.00 per hour, second guy-add $45.00 per hour.
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    Water weighs 8.33 lbs per gallon. Im not sure what kind of truck you are running. 300x8.33=2499 lbs
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    You also need to factor in where you will fill your tank. Filling a 300 gallon tank with a garden hose will take a long time, if you can find a lake, river or creek nearby and have permission to use any of these as your source of water you will be money ahead.

    I watered my new sod last year during the drought using a 300 gallon tank and a 4hp water pump. I think it took me about 3 minutes to fill and about 30-45 min to empty using a garden hose and an impact sprinkler. My feeder line from the tank to the garden hose was 1.5 inch pvc.
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    We might be doing the closest thing. We water 122 hanging baskets early every morning that it doesn't rain. We use a 100USG poly tank with an electric 12 Volt pump. It's gentle enough not to disturb the soil in the baskets, quiet enough because we water on main streets by night, dependable enough to run every time with no refueling, and light enough that we could toss the empty tank and pump off the truck single-handed if the truck is needed elsewhere. The pump is about the size of your fist and wrist and bolts right to the top of the tank. Its a demand pump which means it doesn't run until the valve at hose end is opened.

    What kind of landscape installed?
    What truck is available?
    What is your fill station?
    What volumes of water and frequency are you envisioning?
    How many cell sites?
    Hauling distance and time?
    Given the weight of water, the volume required to water, and the time required, this is an expensive process
    price is some where around a dollar a square foot
    Go for an inch of water per square foot
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    That is great Jim what do the 90 days applicators run? I am looking into those Monday at my rainbird dealer

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