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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by ron, Mar 12, 2001.

  1. ron

    ron LawnSite Senior Member
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    I just put a bid on one of my clients landscape project for $1,006.65
    I am wondering if this was too much?
    Here are the details
    3 yards of red mulch
    35 one gallon junipers
    35 one gallon Pen flowers
    35 one gallon of ground covering plants
    this cost included taxes labor the whole nine yards.
    placement of approximately 124LF 2inches thick around the house.
    the rest placed around the four islands around the yard plus all the flowering
    160 lbs of topsoil
    160 lbs of cow fert
    for the sandy islands to plant the flowers. was this too much of a price..should I have made a better estimate for my client..ifr so can anyone help me out on this ..thanks
  2. Ocutter

    Ocutter LawnSite Senior Member
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    I offer a yr guarantee on all installed shrubs. Did you do the same. That could affect price somewhat. I would have bid this one at $1800-$2000. Sounds like you did a lot.
  3. Clinton D. Wagner

    Clinton D. Wagner LawnSite Member
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    <b>Hi Ron, Clinton here, I would like to put my minute in on helping you, But I need a little more input if you would.</b>

    Can you tell me what your cost of materials was for each item:

    The cost per yard for the 3 yards of red mulch
    The cost per 1/gal for the 35 one gallon junipers
    The cost per 1/gal for the 35 one gallon Pen flowers
    The cost per 1/gal for the 35 one gallon of ground covering plants
    The 124 lf of header board, cost per lf
    160 lbs of topsoil, cost per pound...
    160 lbs of cow fert, cost per pound..
    Be sure to add the tax for each line item

    Now can you tell me how long do you think it would take one man to install the 3 yards of red mulch?

    how long it would take one man to install 105 1/gallon's or how many per hour you think he can plant?

    how many lf of header board one man can install ?

    how long for one man to install the 160 lbs of topsoil?

    how long to install the 160 lbs of cow fertz?

    Now what is the labor rate we are going to pay this man?

    Also it would be nice to an approx overhead % "like 28%, 30% that you like to put on your materials and labor.

    also what do you like to make for a Net? 10%, 15%, 25%, 35% ? you name it...

    Two more things:

    What type of soil are we dealing with?
    and how far is it from your shop?

    Now we have something to work with...

    Most Good Estimators, Don't like to S.W.A.G they want all the information they can get in order to put together a bid for the company they are working for so the company does'nt go out of BIZ by bidding to low.

    Thats it...let me know if you want too.

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  4. ron

    ron LawnSite Senior Member
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    Hello Clinton I liked your thread reply for home town landscaping for his bid for $1,000 that I purchased your cd on your web page for $35.00..GREAT WORK....
    Ok the red mulch costs $21.00 cy which I double the pricex 4 cy=165.00 Manure I get 40 lbs for $1.06 200lbs=15.50 Top soil 1.06 for 40 lbs 280lbs =21.00 soil prep 2 hrs x 20.00=40 planting 3 hrs=60.00 mulching 3 hrs=60.00 Pernnaials 1 gal 2.50 double price 5 x 35=175.00
    Annuals 1 gal 2.00 double 4.00x35=140.00 Jupier Ferns 4"x6" 3.00 double price 6.00 x35=210.00 debris removal 2 hrs labor=40.00 total labor 200.00 total plants 525.00 total materials 201.30 delivery charge 20.00 total 946.76 6% tax 56.76 total cost 1,002.76
  5. kermit

    kermit LawnSite Member
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    Ron,your labour rate seems a little light but I don't see where the recovery of your truck costs, insurance etc. is? Am I missing something? Otherwise it looks pretty good.
  6. ron

    ron LawnSite Senior Member
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    hi kermit I am solo on this project and this is my first landscape bid.for one of my customers for lawn care.
  7. Clinton D. Wagner

    Clinton D. Wagner LawnSite Member
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    <b> Hi Ron,</b> it's looking great, however, what is your labor cost for the man you are going to send to the job to do the work, what are you going to pay him $6, $8, $10, per hour, not what you bill/charge customer.<br>
    Also, when you are saying (planting 3 hrs) are you saying that one "man" is going to plant 35.33 one gallons per hour?.<br>
    Mulch you said 3 hours, but how many cy would you say one man can install per hour?<br>
    Soil prep. when you are saying soil prep. is this to place then till...if so with what? just how are we to install this?<br>
    Got just one or two more things to ask....LOL<br>
    how many SF are we talking about for the soilprep. area? (aprox)<br>
    WHY? are you charging tax on labor?
    What is the delivery charge for?<br>
    <b>Ron, </b> The importance of these quistion cannot be overemphasized because the <b>Success</b> of your Business depends on the accuracy of your estimates.<br>
    Get back to me if you have time...<br>
    By the way thanks for ordering the CD it will be a great help to you.<br>
  8. kermit

    kermit LawnSite Member
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    Ron,even if you are solo you still have overhead. You must get your truck payed for, even if it is your primary means of transport. You must have insurance or you leave yourself open to lawsuits WHEN things go wrong, and believe me things will eventually go wrong. I have seen way too many contractors fail after a short period of time because they didn't understand the difference between gross and net. Cover your butt even if you get less work. It's only worth doing if you are making a profit at it(that's why I no longer go near commercial work, I can't make a decent profit at it).
  9. ron

    ron LawnSite Senior Member
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    Hi Kermit yes I am insured and have been doing lawn care for over a year ,my customer says that this price is way too high and that he would do it himself oh well there goes another bid out the door my first one and probally not my last,hey thanks for all your help and thanks again Mr Clinton for the good info..looking foward in seeing the cd.
  10. kermit

    kermit LawnSite Member
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    Don't be discouraged just because one customer said you were too much. You know what you have to get for a job. I figure if I'm getting too many jobs I can afford to up the prices. Good luck.

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