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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by NewLawns, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. NewLawns

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    So opinions on pricing for a mulching job please!

    20 year old home that probably has not been mulched in 10. Some beds had literally NO mulch in them left. The beds that had OLD mulch flakes left in them were so polluted with dead brush and weeds you couldn't see ANY mulch. So seeing this made me 100% sure these people were not interested in a pristine lawn which right away threw me into a conclusion they wanted a shotty job "just done". I will not put my name on a toss and dash over years of weeds and rubagge.:nono: The people were in their 60's. So anywho we measured all beds which was a lot. The total square footage of beds was 3,400. These beds were so overgrown with massive pine trees and those huge 5'x5' low lying shrubs of some sort. They wanted no plants removed or pruned which both are needed to an extreme. Sorry I am not a landscaper. So literally we guesstimated the actual square footage for mulch would be 2000 sq. feet.
    Estimate was as follows:
    Mulch supplies @ cost: $30x14=$420
    Delivery of mulch= $65
    Weeding & old brush debri removal of 3400 sq ft of hell= $200 (4 hrs @$50 prob wouldve taken longer also!)
    Labor for mulching= $500 (maybe high? but I figured it would make up for the extra clean out)
    Grand Total= $1,185.00

    My husband and I are the owners and we would have done the clean up together and my husband would have my step dad for 4-5 hrs for the mulching which we would have paid him $15/hr.
  2. 94gt331

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    That sounds like a very fair price to me if you can get that job done in 1 day. Good luck!
  3. NewLawns

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    And what would change in the price if we needed to break it into 2 days due to a more extensive clean up?

    I called the homeowner and what do you know?! I was RIGHT! I can read people like a book. exact words of his "Are you out of your mind?! You are WAY high" And hung up on me! I wanted to say have you seen your disgusting yard?!
    He literally wanted a job done for less than the mulch was going to cost! Good luck I can't wait until someone quotes him $2,000 because I honestly feel it could be worth close to that we are new so we need to be competitive and that's why we offered that rate. $5,000 prob to fully manicure that place rip up nasty overgrown unnecessary shrubs and prune the rest. Oh and the nice hose edging they have nailed down, some missing, some buried, some laying around would need to be ripped up and a clean edge cut. Idiots!:walking::hammerhead::dizzy:
  4. sealcutter

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    with out seeing the job my # is around $1400. Move on, I get atleast 6 calls like this every season.
  5. NewLawns

    NewLawns LawnSite Member
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    Thank you!
  6. JR's Lawn Service

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    I think the estimate is spot on. My estimate for this job came out to $1220.00. My mulch costs would be higher ($585.00 for 18 cubic yards at 3 inches deep or $390.00 for 12 cubic yards at 2 inches deep). If Landscape fabric would be required it would be more, but you did not address that so I assume it was not wanted by your cheapo potential clients. I have already learned that I generally under estimate how long a job will take me, so I add 1 or 2 hours to the more complicated jobs. This is a new business adventure for me and I have already got much better at all of this, most of that is attributed to the experience of the great folks on this site. There is no substitute for experience and I really appreciate this site.
    Good luck to a prosperous season.
  7. NewLawns

    NewLawns LawnSite Member
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    Thank You! As to you Jeff! We are learning also. This was literally our very first mulching call and I feel very good that our estimate was right on :)
  8. recycledsole

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    if you put mulch 3" deep 1 yard can cover 108 sq ft. its good to have an idea what to charge per yard installed. $60-100 per yard installed depending on site conditions, like how far away is the installation spot from mulch pile. delivery is usually $50. Weeding, you must calculate depending on density and type of weeds.
    for mulch i would go with 19 yards for 2,000 sq ft. might seem like a lot, but it being 3" deep it is low maintenance.
    that would be $1140-$1900 + $50 for mulch installation alone.
    good luck
  9. NewLawns

    NewLawns LawnSite Member
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    So your saying $1100-1900 for the mulch installation only. Nothing for the weeding added in? Cuz the weeding and bed cleanup is extensive. What would you add for that? Thanks! :)
  10. 94gt331

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    That sucks this guy wasted your time on looking at his job. I hate when that happens.

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