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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bettergrass, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. bettergrass

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    sorry this may be the wrong spot or over used but i was wondering what some of you guys payed for the following

    exmark viking 36....i was quoted 4000 plus tax

    exmark tthp 36....was quoted 4400 plus tax

    please post what youve been quoted
  2. dvmcmrhp52

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    As an Exmark owner and user it is with great pain that I make this statement.

    I believe Exmark is on the verge of pricing themselves into a position of irrelevance.
    I am a firm believer in the quality and corporate service that exists from them, however the commercial mower field has grown considerably with many of them offering the same quality and levels of service that used to be exclusive to exmark.
    I just priced a 48" floating deck,hydro walk behind.
    One an exmark, the other from a reputable and equally competitve manufacturer of a different brand.
    My conclusion.........Maybe not an Exmark this time around............
  3. treemeat

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    I feel your pain. I just priced a 48tthp 19hp elec with accelerator catcher for over 5,800. What annoys me is the machine doesn't even come with an hour-meter, and also the blade engagement is manual so it should be cheaper. I could get a nice ztr for that. I just doesn't look like $6000 sitting there. Most mowers use the same components anyways. It makes me want to build my own dam* mower.

    what is even worse is that when I average the expense over the life of the mower(3000hr), at $2 an hour, I am actually justifying it to myself. I am pretty much convinced that an exmark is necessary for my bus to be top-notch . . . I hope something better comes along that is cheaper. :cry:
  4. Cobra Jock

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    I totally agree. I use to work at a Hustler/Exmark dealer (We sold both). I sold 22 Hustlers versus 0 Exmarks in 9 months. Exmark has a major problem IMO, and its price. They cut great and will hold up well if taken care of, but so do other brands. You can bet that the Exmark execs are crying now that the Hustler Rebate started again! payup
  5. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Not such a big deal over here we got scag and exmark and scag costs more so here they seem like a bargain.
  6. Turf Dancer

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    Dealer quoted me $3700 for a 36" Viking and $4100 for a TTHP and we have no sales tax to worry about
  7. splatz100

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  8. Craig T

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    If your interested, I have a used 36 TTHP.
    PM me or send me an e-mail if interested.

  9. treemeat

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  10. Lawn Dog2001

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    I am in the middle of dealing with the same problem. High Exmark prices. I dont even mind paying the extra money if I get everything I want out of a machine. But with Exmark its not the case. Here are some prices I just got recently.

    48" Viking $4280

    48" TT 17 HP $4951

    48" TT 19HP elec start $5287

    None of these come with an hour meter, and all of these prices have gone up since Aug 2004 which was the last time I priced mowers. An hour meter and elec start is standard on a lot of other comparable makes for a lot less money.

    I am going to end up with one of the two mowers very soon.

    48" 17HP Lesco floating deck. Comes standard with elec start, elect PTO, and hour meter. Lesco sale price $3599

    48" Husqvarna 18HP with all the same standard features $4527

    I am very close to choosing the Lesco. Iam going to check out the Husky tomorrow. What bothers me most of all is if you set all three mowers side by side, its obvious that both Husky and Lesco have more into their mowers than Exmark does. Yet Exmark is a womping $1700 more than the Lesco, and $800 more than the Husky. Thats not right.

    Its almost sad. There will be a new machine on my trailer this season, and its most likely not going to red for the first time since 2000.

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