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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DSL DOC, Dec 8, 2001.

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    if anyone out there would like to help me out and email me any contract styles and pricing styles suggestions or forms. I would greatly appreciate it. Im using a new snapper zero turn mzm2300kh 52 inch 23 horse kohler 7 gauge deck 360 degree anti scalp rollers on deck, AND YES SINGLE JOYSTICK STEERING,
    pivot front axle, driveshaft transfer to deck eaton drives. 6500 in crate with deck awesome machine wish i had a 25 horse on it though. heres a pic again if anyone wants to help me let me know the other rider is the new craftsman 40" zero turn with a kohler. $ 3000 will upgrade craftsman next season.



    thanks again for any help

  2. DSL DOC

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    It's in your profile if we need to e-mail you.
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    Sorry to complain but I just can't seem to like anything with the Snapper name on it.
    In fact, just a couple days ago I watched a neighbor use one of these on his lawn. Had been noticing strange dips in the cutting pattern on his lawn where he has to turn. Seems that the front "pivot" axle is the culprit. Like all the old style homeowner Snappers, it seems to cause the deck to dip a little on turns. Just about impossible to get really smooth cuts when that happens. Also hard to steer straight on slopes with the single control. Cleve.
  5. I'm sure if you search you will find many posted on here.

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