Pricing Bed Weed Control??????????

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by philk17088, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. philk17088

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    I have gotten a few calls for bed weed control(pre-emerge with follow up spot spray thru the season)
    The beds are clean now and I have been figuring sqft and material price, time on job, etc
    My usual formula seems to be coming out on the cheap side. :confused:
    Any suggestions or formulas you guys are using?
    Snapshot,roundup/lontrel program
  2. Enviro Green

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    Snapshot by the pound one to two times per season adn then spot spray per gallon with a minimim.

  3. Grassmechanic

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    Don't sell yourself short on bed maint program. People HATE to weed by hand and will pay to have it treated. I use R-up and Surflan or Snapshot. $125 is my min.
  4. quiet

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    I have a nice old widowed lady as a customer. She's really a character . . . short, feisty, great sense of humor. She's even told me a couple of "off-color" jokes!

    She asked what do we charge for weeding beds.

    "$110 per hour in the summer"

    "Geeezus Kerr-Iced! Why do you charge so G** D*** much? I was thinking about $25"

    "There's 2 of us. That would be only $12.50/hr per man"

    "That's not bad - you're just pulling weeds, for Chrissakes."

    "Would YOU make a trip to someone's house, spend an hour pulling weeds in someone else's beds in 100 degree heat . . . and then be happy walking away with $12.50 or even $25?"

    "Hellllllll no!"
  5. Premo Services

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    "Would YOU make a trip to someone's house, spend an hour pulling weeds in someone else's beds in 100 degree heat . . . and then be happy walking away with $12.50 or even $25?"

    "Hellllllll no!"[/QUOTE]

    Me either not for 25.00 hr. :nono: Geezus Kerr Iced(i like that) ;)
    I am at 37.00 per man hour and sometimes this does not seem worth it to do weeding in the heat or anytime for that matter.

    Show me the bux payup or do it yourself.....
  6. turfmann

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    I once had a boss that said "ten cents for doing and ninety cents for knowing". If you've invested as much in your pesticide license - training, insurance, fees, as I think you have, then this is one of those opportunities to cash in.
  7. boozoo

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    In this area, I charge about 3x what I would charge per ft2 for a lawn, and here's why: the license is harder to get; you have to know more; there are MANY more species of ornamental vs. species of grass; there are MANY more pests (insects and disease); the chemicals are more toxic and more expensive; you can't walk as fast, so you have to use higher spray volumes; and they take longer to do than lawns.
  8. Ray@LebanonTurf

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    I did shrub bed weed control for many years and it was highly profitable. Back then we used Surflan, XL2G, and in some cases Ronstar. Now I prefer the combination of Isoxaben and Trifluralin which is found in Snapshot or Woodace Preen Plus. Note that Dow has a new formulation that adds oxyflurofen (Goal) to the old Snapshot formula. It is being marketed as Showcase. More juice but also less ornamental tolerance for some stuff particularly annual flowers and small perennials.

    I always used a plan of 4 payments where the first payment would cover the anticipated cost of labor and material for the season. The subsequent three payments were charged when the follow up application would be done (always in conjunction with another maintenance visit to the property) using a directed spray of Glyphosate. In a bad year with lots of rain this would afford me the latitude to put down a second preemergent when and where needed without going broke. Another trick is to add some Surflan to your Roundup post spray to juice up the preemerge where you have breakthrough.

    Pitfalls: Beds that heavily weed infested and need to be manually cleaned out before the program can be effective. A separate one time charge is in order. Beds that are not mulched properly or on a regular basis. Exposed soil will almost always give way to weeds. Apply your preemergent before your mulch if you can. Perennial weeds with overwintering roots or bulbs like Canada thistle, nutsedge, wild onion. Preemergents will not control these and a combination of directed postemergent and weeding is needed.

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