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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Joel B., Jul 13, 2002.

  1. Joel B.

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    I have a neighbor that wants me to remove 3 large bushes (approx. 5-6' wide and tall). I'm not sure if he wants the stumps out yet. How do you price this? Hourly, by the job, or?

    If he just wants them taken out to the ground level, it shouldn't be too bad, but if he wants the stumps out too, that could get nasty.

    Thanks for all the advice,

    Joel B.
  2. ipm

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    If he wants to keep the stumps bid it by the job. Take a chain saw over on lunch break and be done.

    If he wants the stumps out bid it by the hour, take a chain and a loader/truck and be done. Business is business but remember he is your neighbor.
  3. Heller Landscaping

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    neighbor? be carefull . he will be expecting a low bid and the job better be done right. try doing it to gether as a neighbor with a low price. if a problem would come up later he won't want to come out and do it again. all this depends on what he is like. is he picky or not. is he cheap. you don't want to have problems later.
  4. 65hoss

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    3 minutes with a chainsaw and the job is done. Then let him find a guy that grinds stumps and get it handled himself. You'll be the good neighbor and not have to deal with much. I stay away from doing entire jobs for neighbors and friends, it can cause more problems than its worth.
  5. Toatlandscape

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    Check around for a heavy metal shovel you can sharpen. I got onr from a nursery in my area it is the greatest tool ever. It is all metal and I can stand on it if necessary to pry out stumps/roots. When it is sharp it will cut through root better than an axe. I did 4 of what it sounds like you are talking about today in about 30 minutes. Price by the shrub, you can make it look easy with the right equipment but the home owner would take all day and several shovels. I got $20 per shrub.

    Good luck
  6. Likestomow

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    Joel --- I’d charge him $40 each if the trunks weren’t too large. If they are real old shrubs with say a 5” diameter trunk, I’d go $50 each.

    The first thing you do is cut the shrub down with a chainsaw to about 16” from the ground. Next wrap a good towing strap or log chain around the trunk and begin pulling the trunk with your truck. Don’t pull it all the way up right away if it is close to a sidewalk or driveway because the roots might go underneath and cause damage when coming up. If not, just pull the stump out slowly.

    If need be, with the stump partially out, take a sharpened flat shovel or a sharpened pick-axe or a mattock and cut the large branch roots about 2 feet from the trunk.

    I have a (wimpy) F-150 4X4, so I enjoy using the low range for jobs like this. Just be sure your straps or chains are connected well so they don’t fly off.
  7. HarryD

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    first off what kind of bushs are they
  8. GLS

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    If he does want the stumps removed, I would first dig around them as far as you can, and then rip them out with a chain. I hook a shackle up to my 2" receiver hitch on my truck. A loader would probably work better, but I don't have one:(

    Here is a pic of a swingset I pulled out anchored down with concrete 6" below ground.
  9. GLS

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  10. Ssouth

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    Toatlandscape, uses the same method as we do for small removals. Attatched you will see a pic of a balling spade I modified. I added the extra large kick plates in order to get more surface area for my feet on the shovel. This thing will cut through almost anything just by throwing it into the ground. They cost around $85 from A. M. Leonard and are worth every penny.


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