Pricing commercial chain accts?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by CorgiTurf, Nov 1, 2018.

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    So a landscaper gave me about 30 commercial chain stores (solo applicator). Furthest one out is about 150 miles, closest to me is about 20, and they are all in between.

    Lawn sizes range from 2k to 25K. Average is about 10 K. Most places have to move the truck at least 2 times, mostly 3 sometimes 4... rolling the hose up etc... also having to deal with cars and traffic in parking lots. Not to mention all the trees, posts, telephone poles... This is kind of a pain. Plus all the driving all over the place to do these lawns.

    Most routes/days I can do 6-10. Gotta deal with large city traffic. I can do 250 miles on a good day just doing these stores.

    How do you guys price these? Same price per k as normal, but add a fuel or trip charge? Factor in the pain of moving the truck 3 times per stop or does that matter?
    From what I understand, large companies charge less for commercial? For the pain of doing these I feel it should be more! What do you all do?
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    Don’t do them if you can’t make money
    Not every job fits every company
    If your price is too high he/they will get someone else
    Maybe that’s what you want?
    But if you do that you may get passed up in the future for other referral work because they assume you’re too high.

    Price the turf like you would any other jobbof the same size
    Then add in hourly rate for travel time one way,

    Don’t drag hose to parking islands
    Use a back pack

    Maybe plan this route on off days/hours
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    You said you could do 6-10 a day so I’d price a normal routes gross and divide by 6-10.

    No need to take on work if it’s not profitable. I’m probably not driving 150 miles to spray 1 property anyway so I’d price high. Sounds good now but not when you are swamped and need to go do it.
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    Sounds like a no-win for you unless you price crazy high
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    Charge them for every minute of the labor time required. Charge them for the truck mileage, for anything above your average. Say first 5 miles free, (as this is typical for in-town accounts; it is covered by your "stop charge"). Charge by the sqft for the chemicals used--this should be slightly less than your typical day--as the sqft for the day will be less.
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    You need to be on the clock when sitting in the truck for hours of travel, not to mention high fuel costs. You may want to walk away from this one? I would take my time on this estimate and in the end submit a price on the high side. To travel 150 miles to service an account is extreme, I would need at least $200.00 just for travel time & that's dirt cheap! Can you bid on the accounts that are in a 50 mile radius of your shop and let the landscaper sub out the others, or perhaps sub out the far away accounts to another lawn care co?
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    Who is paying? The landscaper or the chain?
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