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    my question is i have no problem with small things like fast food, but with multiple acres. first when you see something you like to cut can you guys just look and say " thats 5 acres"? i have read people charge per acre but who told you the acreage . would i seem a complete novice to ask what there size is? i think i am ready to make the step to commercial i just dont know the market value here. i know you have to know your price but dont want to low ball or look novice

    thanks in advance for any help and to whoever says i am not ready well i am still gonna go for it so save your carpel tunnel lol
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    Either you must know the square feet of the lawn or you must be able to look at a property and from experiance be able to estimate how long it will take your crew to complete the job. Then of course you should decide on a price for each man hour.

    If it is too big to wrap your brain around then just brake up each part of the property into zones. Then price zone a and so on. Then combine all zones and keep in mind that the collective of all the zones is one client and one good size job and maybe discount the work because of volume.

    It always helped me to divide large jobs into smaller jobs in order to estimate.

    But this is all coming from a guy that now does small residential so take my advice with a grain of poop.

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    i do have a wheel. and when i price churches i do break it up. but that was because they were just that a lot of sections so i priced it that way, never thought of breaking up big fields

    hey jockey happy you got another horse for your stable
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    How much do you charge a square foot?
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    I use a 400 yard range finder to measure large and small areas. Much faster than a wheel. I then charge by the acre - I have a range, and it depends upon how chopped up it is, and obstacles etc as to whether it is at the high end or low end.

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    as a starting point i came up with 65 per acre but like i said i have no idea what the market rate is here. this is technically the end of my third year. and i hear the gamut here some will cut anything for twenty and some want65 for the same yard. i have not talk to anyone doing big commercial but hope to find one. our lco's here are not that friendly for the most part pretty arrogant and view me the same as a person with a 21" in the trunk low balling my a$$ off. i view all the same but most here feel in my opinion that if you dont have over over 100" of cutting power you are just taking money from them and are not competition whether you low ball are not. unless you cut the west- end area
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    Hey stringalation what year is the 939 and what condition or shape is it in? I am interested

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    the cat is an 07 and as the post says 7 hours buddy. you can check my posts for some pics

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    maybe a bump for this one

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