Pricing edging weeding and mulch, by hour or by the yard?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by shelbymustang616, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. shelbymustang616

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    Hello my fellow landscapers. I currently work in the landscape biz and plan on starting my own business in the next two years and doing the planning now. I question I have lingering is how do you guys charge for mulch. I have noticed rates in my area are around $80 a yard to do mulch? Is this factoring in the time to weed and edge the beds beeing mulched. or is just "This is what its going to cost for us to mulch your beds" weeding, edging, and pre emergent is seperate to the $80. thanks.
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    It will depend on your local market, the local competition. Around here, $75 or $80 is for mulch only. Edging is $1 per foot. Weeding is by the hr.
  3. dgw

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    materials plus time

    1 yard of mulch in a wide open bed you can park your truck next to is different than one yard you have to wheelbarrow 2000 feet up hill and spread between 1000 tightly planted annuals in seven different beds

    of course these are extremes but you should get the idea
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    thanks for the feedback
  5. ringahding

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    $1 per foot edging I agree with...we charge $35/hour weeding(if u r out east probably $50 wouldn't be out of the question) MULCH multiply @ least 2 times the cost of will need to feel the job out and come up with your could be 3 times depending on the size..check my video with the WEEDS and MULCH it took 40 hours by hand no BOBCAT 3 workers, and it was overgrown for @ least 5 years or more...alot of the weeds stood as tall as me 6'...lGOOD LUCK!!
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    We have found for residential it's easier to charge by the yard (this is only delivery and install) then we would try to sell our weeding service and that goes along per yard also. All in all it's a fair price for our area and it works well. The customers like seeing what they are paying for.
  7. shelbymustang616

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    Thanks for the help. Just wasnt sure how that worked out. Did it in my head ...I was like"that cant include weeding and edging, etc."

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