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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by redclay, Jan 18, 2006.

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    If you guys were going to price the erosion control for newly graded roads in subdivision how would you do it? Looking to get hydroseeding for shoulders and banks. I have a general idea of where the roads will go- parts are flat just shoulders/ditches. some will have longer sections of steep banks( some steeper than 1:1 ). I cant really get an idea of sq. ft because I don't know how some areas will be on final grade.

    Would you give per tank price then options on blankets or extra measures for steep parts? Something like $xxx for "standard" erosion mix per tank; $xxx per tank with BFM; $xx per blanket installed. The way this lays out I would probably need to shoot some areas before others are even graded.

    How would you guys attempt to price this?

    I'm thinking with the little info I have the " ..1 tank will cover approx. xx sq. ft at $$ per tank until all areas covered..." is my only option.

  2. allinearth

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    Why not just price by the sq ft for each item?
  3. olderthandirt

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    We always priced by the sq. ft. of the job
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    Hydroseeding is not erosion control, altho it can be, It is simply a method of establishing vegitation. Erosion control with hydroseeding methods requires more than simply using a thicker layer of mulch. The Bonded Fiber Matrix type mulches have shown superior erosion control than a lot of the erosion control blankets on the market today. The cost is also considerably more than regular hydroseeding mulch, 4x's per bale, and the application, altho not much different, does require greater care and consistantcy with coverage, not to mention higher application rates, 3000+lbs per acre. Using BFM mulches is also usually cheaper and faster than the blankets to purchase and install, persqft. Often, erosion control on a contract means a lot more than simply hydroseeding and installing blankets. Silt fence, retention ponds, riff raff in the ditches, installing proper drainage or diversion ditches to prevent excessive runoff, etc, etc,. If you are bidding an erosion control job, be sure of the specifics and your ability to perform the services required. If you accept the contract, you are the one liable for any damages or cleanups that are neccesary and the one paying the fines.
  5. olderthandirt

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    I understood his post to mean new rd with houses being built on it. We do a lot of those and its no big deal to just seed and blow on straw right from the rd. most of the time they only want a 30' setback seeded, and the construction trucks destroy it before it ever grows. You know developers cheap is what they want.
  6. muddstopper

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    Mac, I know what you mean, I do tons of just that type of seeding. But he did say erosion control and with the phase II laws, Simply seeding and blowing straw wont qualify in most cases without something to keep the silt from washing until the grass can establish. In NC it now cost $495 to get to file an erosion control plan, excuse me, to apply for permission to disturb the soil, for anything over 1/2 acre. It has to be approved by 7 different agencies and any one of them can deni and you dont get a refund. a lot of people aint fileing and are getting away with it because of lack of enforcement personal, but all it takes is one angry neighbor to make a phonecall and they will send somone out to investigate.
  7. olderthandirt

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    Around here the deleloper does the silt fencing and grading and then just hires an lco to seed and straw. If we get into rd ditches and embackments then its all geo jute and pins and and hydro or matting on the slopes. That a whole dif. ball game and pricing structure. I know about having to by the plans/prints it sucks but it stops most of the solo small time guys from throwing in low bids. That part I like.
  8. impactlandscaping

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    Hey Redcaly, don't forget that you may need to show a containment system for excess water runoff as well in the plan, depending on local laws and the size of the property.NPDES Phase II compliance is a must anymore. It's not heavily enforced here yet, but I make sure we are on top of things all the same. With tighter watering restrictions in a lot of major metropolitan cities, containment and recirculation to irrigation is a big plus to sell in the final plan as well. Just make sure you are informed on the BMP to follow for all aspects of the design and install. Like Mudd said, it can come back on you really fast.

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