Pricing Estimation Formula Question

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Keith P, Sep 28, 2004.

  1. PLM-1

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    Sounds identical to my rate!
  2. JDavisTexas

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    Just curious- is that mowing square footage or including the base area of the buildings?
  3. Grass Gator

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    Square footage of lot (from the plat maps if available).....and no major obstables.
  4. derek1

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    Hey Randy can I get a copy of that excell formula emailed to me I am to looking for a pricing go by.

  5. neatbynature

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  6. mikestr

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  7. Greenside Landscaping

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    use winzip then upload the ziped file on to here or you can send it to and i can zip it for you

  8. Greenside Landscaping

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    here is the hourly cost spead sheet for anyone that wants a copy thanks to Randy J

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  9. Randy J

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    Thanks Ryan. If anyone has any questions on it, please let me know @ Some fields have calculations so be sure to look before typing. And you'll need to come up with the number of weeks you expect to work per year, fuel economy of your equipment, etc. Should give you a pretty good idea of what your costs are per hour though, so now everyone can be sure they aren't losing money out there sweating their butt off!
  10. Axl

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    I completely forgot about this thread. I tried to get the file from here but my computer tells me that is corrupted or something. If you get a chance could you send it to

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