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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by mwalz, Feb 5, 2014.

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    So I want to start getting in to flower bed maintenance, hedge trimming, mulching, small simple things like that. how do you charge for something like that? Mulching maybe per foot or something like that, but i have no clue to be honest. Hedges maybe by the bush? Size would have something to do with the price too maybe. And say someone wants you to mulch their garden, do you pick out the mulch you think fits best or do they choose? Same would go with maybe planting flowers, or things in that same category. The maintenance part is pretty self explanatory. Any help, thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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    There are tons of pricing threads here and they all have the same answer. Your costs plus your profit is your price.

    Mulch is generally priced by the yard. A good starting point is figuring 1 yard per hour per man. Your price on the mulch can include bed prep or you can separate the prep time.

    For trimming use your hourly labor rate and how long you expect it to take. You can either add the cost of operating your trimmer or put extra profit on to cover it. Most handhelds are less than $2/ hour with fuel so its not entirely worth breaking it out. Don't forget to add dump fees plus your time to drive to the dump and unload.

    There are a few threads about mulch pricing and guys are anywhere from $45 to $100+ per yard depending on their market so you need to find your own numbers.

    I give customers their choice of color on mulch but I order from my supplier that I know has quality product. If they want rubber mulch that's a different story and I found a company I can sub that installs it cheaper than I can buy it.
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    Most people charge per yard of mulch.
    First calculate how many square feet of area you need to cover. Then how deep do you want the mulch? Most people want 2" and that is good for most applications.
    1 yard of mulch will cover:
    1" deep: 320 sq ft
    2" deep: 160 sq ft
    3" deep: 108 sq ft
    4" deep: 81 sq ft
    multiply the amount of feet in a yard (27) times the amount of inches fit into a foot. Like for 3 inches deep; 3 inches go into a foot 4 times. 4X27 = 108.

    So if your garden is 450sq ft and youre going to cover 2" deep you want 3 yards of mulch. Charge a delivery fee. I usually charge the fee that the nursery charges- generally around $60. Then multiply the yards X the price to install it. Like TTS said, people charge around $50-$100 per yard installed.

    I use triple hardwood shredded mulch 98% of the time. occasionally customers request a dyed product, which I am morally opposed to for the negative environmental impacts, but I will do it for their request. I also buy bulk mulch instead of bags because obviously bags create pollution and are more expensive- usually almost twice as expensive for me.

    Once you get more practiced you'll see how long things take you can say, it will take 1 hour to weed this flowerbed and will take 30 minutes to trim these hedges. Multiply the amount of time by your hourly rate and remember to include any fees like dump fee, etc...
    Good luck
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    Thanks for the help, i will do some searching around online still, where is a good place to by mulch? From a supply place? Or maybe from a place that just sells mulch or mulch and garden related items?
  5. recycledsole

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    yes there are severeal nurseries around here that sell it and one large landscaping company just started selling close by to me

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