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pricing for large yard

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I'm knew to this site and first time postig anything, so here goes. I need to know what would be a resonable rate to charge to mow 3 acres with trimming around trees and a creek bank? I mow with a John Deere 1435 w/ 60" mower. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi ya Adam

In the commercial forum many of the guys have been saying in the area of $30 and up per man, per hour.

Respectively, you can charge less than someone doing it with say a 36" or 48" walk behind. Takes them much longer. You can charge more than minimum for the reason that the equipment is more costly.
Adam, I recently had a 5 acre estate that I mowed with a JD F-935 with a 72" deck for the open areas and I used a JD M653 ZTR with a 54" deck for around the trees. It took me 3 hours total. I charged $125.00.
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