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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by pjnlandscape, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. pjnlandscape

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    I have been working on my own doing landscape maintenance in Massachusetts and want to get into fertilization too, i have heard good things from friends about lesco but have no idea how much it costs and how much others are charging. any information would be great, thanks.
  2. rcreech

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    I don't want to make this sound too simple...but you are going to have to get out there and get to know your suppliers and just get pricing.

    Hard for us all over the US to tell you as all areas are different!

    I think Lesco is the best as far as service, quality and price....and someone the next state over or even a couple 100 miles away from me can't stand them!

    Do you have anyone up there you can ask that has any experience and can help you out?

    The best price may not always be your best choice also! It is the combination or price and service IMO!
  3. grassman177

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    rcreech is right about all of it, oh and i am one of those guys who doesnt like lesco anything so there you go!!!!!
  4. turfmann

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    Where about in Massachusetts are you?
  5. jbturf

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    just a side note, as it goes hand and hand with treatments,
    you need a pesticide license to apply any products containing
    a pesticide for hire. Also- mentioned by our friends in our states
    pesticide bur. enforcement dept, anything with a epa reg

    beyond JDl/lesco - valleygreen has a pretty good presence in MA
  6. bx24

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    depends in MA where you are. I visit the ones in western Ma and they are poor. AKA they do not now anything...Also see the the ones in nothern CT and a little better but not the best...I still buy some things there if needed.

    If I need help I look online and buy somewhere else.

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