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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bfstrider, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. bfstrider

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    I mowed my next door neighbors lawn this weekend. It was in pretty bad shape. High, thick weeds with most of the grass being warm weather grass. Their are about 14 trees to trim around as well as a ditch to weed. I also had to trim around the house and a wire fence in the back yard. there is also a spot where a w/b or push mower needs to be used. He is not real particular about his lawn, but I wanted to make it look the best I could. This is on .6 acres. I charged him 35.00 which after I got through felt was to low for the work I did. However, after this initial mowing I should not have a problem. I charged him 35.00 because I did have to load or unload anything, just had to go next door. I plan on charging 35.00 for each cut. What are some opinions on my pricing? Thanks
  2. barefootlawns

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    I would have charged more for the first time due to longer grass and such but with out looking at it, it is hard to say but that is alot of trees on .6 acres
  3. bfstrider

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    I stated wrong. There are 13 trees. Eight of these being Bradford pear trees which line the drive. This propery has a large front yard with a very small back yard with 1 tree. The front yard is pretty much wide open with two plum trees at the front of the house and two peach trees at one side. I forgot, there is a storage building to trim around. The lawn has not been well kept in several years.
  4. daveintoledo

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    i feel working for friends, family, or neighbors is a bad idea, too close to home.... if a problem should come up, it could be very uncomfortable...:)

    but charge more for the first cut if a place is in bad shape......other then that id say 35 for about 1/2 acre is pretty good......
  5. sheshovel

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    Right you did it opposite of how you should should have charged 60.00 first cut to get it in shape then 35.00 or 40 every cut after.
    BUT..I also do not recommend doing work for a next door neighbor unless you really need the money,so many things can happen to screw up your neighborly relationship with them.But then again $$ is $$
  6. olderthandirt

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    Never work for a neighbor! Thats trouble waiting to happen
  7. CAG

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    I do my next door neighbors lawn for 30 and it worth 40-50.. hes not picky at all and i do it when i do my own ( Friday with a pretty good buzz:drinkup: ). he used to cut his grass once a month so i don't have a eye sore to look at anymore.. plus he knows he gets a good deal so he helps me plow with his own truck for free!!! i think its a pretty good deal.. well come to think of it he still owes me $90 from last year!!! but he will pay i just have to ask him.. so basically give him a good deal, good neighbors are important.. i don't know your zoning laws but if your storing equipment at your house and its not zoned for it stay on good terms with all your neighbors..
  8. bfstrider

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    I quoted the size of the lot in my earlier post to be .6 acres. I checked the plot map for my neighborhood which I happen to have on hand and it shows the size of the lot to be .744 acres.
  9. Trinity Lawn Care  LLC

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    As Dave, Sheshovel, and Mac have already stated it is not a wise decision to do a neighbors lawn. This is a person that you have to live next to. If something were to go wrong you would still have to live next to them. Unless, you move and that is a little impractical over a $35 lawn job. Just my 2 cents.
  10. chriscraft

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    lol you have a plot map on hand of the neighborhood ? wish i was that organized eheh good job

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