Pricing for shrub/hedge trimming and trees

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by joed, Jan 20, 2002.

  1. joed

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    I'd like to expand my basic mowing services and move into hedge/shrub trimming and tree removal/pruning. How do I go about pricing jobs like this? What is the general going rate? Is there a market for it?

  2. GreenStar

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    for pruning, i recommend staying with small ornamental's. once you get them trained they are a cake walk. i have a friend that does this and he always get's these people who want there bushes turned into aces and stuff like that. he always tells me to turn that work down and i can see why. i charge by the bush a small jap maple or cherry will run about $20. but thats just what i charge, my buddy goes by the hour. i think there would be an insurance issue if you do anything bigger. i have never wanted to prune anything i couldn't get from ground level. have you considered store front window cleaning?
  3. Time and man hours. Charge T&M and you will never get burned.

    Start at about $35 to $40 a man hour, or use your mowing hourly price, plus disposal fees.
  4. cajuncutter

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    I am in one way with LAWN however I have a minimum charge which is 1 hour. I spent a chunk of change on my trimmers so I could save time. Sometimes we get a call for doing a couple of small hedges. We can knock them out in 20 minutes or so. As for the tree trimming you may want to check your ag. laws. Here it can not be over 2 or 3 inches in diameter and not over 12 feet tall. I have trimmed red tips and other rather large shrubry that is that high or higher I just stay away from becomming a tree business. I would rather cut grass!!
  5. Cajuncutter

    I agree about the tree cutting the insurance for big trees is quite expensive .
    We charge for scrubbs and bushes 75$ a hour with 1 hr min.
    If a lot of clippings 50$ for hauling them off
  6. shawn'slawns

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    charge, charge, charge! oh and dont forget to charge. i make a killing on shrub work. stay with the ones that dont require a ladder,lol. this can only be justified if you know how to trim and you cant afford to make mistakes. take it slow what you take off cant be replaced but whats left can be fined tuned. and my rule of thumb is to always have the customer inspect your work as you go. that way you will keep them the way they want um! i would say a fair price is $70.00-$80.00 an hour and work alone. shrubs are easy and 1 man should be able to handle the job. the other plus for these jobs is once the shrubs are done talk them into some new mulch for a finished look. good luck! :p
  7. awm

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    for shrub and hedge,i charge by the bush. and price according to difficulty.this is hard work. for tree work ,really study felling methods etc. again the charge is by degree of difficulty.
    tuesday ive got to get a tall pine entangled in an oak.
    no way to controll for sure without cutting the oak off of it.
    which is not an option. plus power lines 8 ft to one side,
    and pretty white fence the other side. dont have a bucket ,
    so ill do a little climbing.this takes know how so ill also make a little monet that day.on these u have to think it all the way thru.
    later now.luck to ya

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