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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by RigidRake, Jun 16, 2005.

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    I recently acquired a customer who wants me to remove about twenty-two evergreen shrubs and trees, trees being about seven feet tall and 12 inches in diameter...I do every thing by hand..pick axe..shovel..root saw,etc...i have removed about half of them...altho, it is backbreaking work, I do it myself, no staff, no rental equipment, or purchase of heavy duty machinery, so I had quoted him a price of 2400 dollars for the total job, which also includes numerous trips to the dump for disposal, and labor...prices are high here in NJ...would like feedback on the amount..too high..not enough..etc..thanks..
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    i took out 13 tree/shrubs aboutt he same hieght like 7-10 feet and 12 in diameter and i got $1388 took me 7 hrs and 6 loads to the dump and i didint have to touch the stumps
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    I think your price is pretty good, around a hundred bucks a tree for removal and disposal. Consider this, though. You are doing it by hand and making several trips to the dump. How much time is all this taking you? Two, three, four days? Here's a thought, rent a mini excavator with a thumb for around $200, have a dumpster brought to the site and hauled away after the job for another $200 (this can vary widely with local disposal costs). You do the job in a day or less, your back doesn't kill you, and you pocket $1600 or more for a day's work.
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    You should have rented a large chipper. Would save you a bunch of trips to the compost facility.
  5. yrdandgardenhandyman

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    This will work too. :rolleyes:

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