Pricing for Tuck pointing Mortar

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by aplott2, Feb 28, 2013.

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    Hey All! Have a question pricing out tuck pointing some mortar into brick. I have done it several times for another company I was working for but unfortunately they had to shut down last winter and I am now starting out on my own. But I have a job for this summer on cutting out some old mortar and retucking in new mortar on some brick steps. My question is do you all price this out by the sq. foot plus man hours or how? Its approximately 12 Stairs. I will also need to tint the mortar to match the existing on the stoop as that mortar is still good and doesnt need any work
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    I typically charge 65$ - 100 per man hour plus materials and disposal .and sometimes that seem to cheap when I'm rebuilding a chimney on a steep roof.if you know what your doing you should be able estimate how long it would take.don't cut yourself short it's tideious work and takes real skill to do clean professional job.if I could rebuild chimneys all day ,I would stop cutting lawns lol.
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    Alright Thanks. I figure it'll take me by myself about 30 hours and I was thinking around 75 an hour. Thanks Your response really helped me out

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