pricing fungicide apps.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ant, Feb 11, 2006.

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    the past few years i accumulated about 15 clients that i applicate a preventive fungicide applications to. (summer patch)
    just there front and sides of the property

    i used baylton granular in the past. due to the cost i need to look into a liquid applications.
    what do you guys charge per 1000 sf?
    also i may be in need of a tank sprayer.
    what do you recomend as for a sprayer?
    i like the thought of an electric unit but cant find one.

    i do merit apps. also using the .5g grandular also. if i get a tank sprayer i can switch also.

    my perm. mag. just wont put out enough liquid..

  2. ThreeWide

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    You are asking what people charge for fungicide?

    Regardless of the product I use for any application, I have a pricing model to follow. The formula has a section for my product cost, depending on what is used and the property size. Applicaton prices are calculated pretty easily that way. You can save yourself a lot of work by doing the same thing.

    The price varies depending on what particular fungicide is needed. I use WDG formulations of Systec and Sysstar. Price for 5k is $70 to $130 depending on the rate required.
  3. garydale

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    I calculated that by doubling my per round price we can cover the fungicide, grub and surface insect special applications very nicely.

    I did it that way so my tech's could quote to the customer while onsite.

    Lesco stopped selling their electric unit, however Westheffer for one has them.
    I suggest 200 gal. and watch the gallons per minute,pressure range and agitation. Get what you can afford. You will like spraying once you get the hang of it and don't want to be stuck with a unit that is too small.
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    i have some info any
  6. kyles974

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    triple your app price!

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