pricing guidelines


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Hillsborough, NC
I work for a non-profit agency that trains and places the disabled in productive employment. In order to place some of our clients we are beginning janitorial and landscaping (commercial) divisions. I have experience in janitorial but not landscaping. We are hiring a consultant to help with sbmitting bids and will be hiring experienced supervisors.

My question is this. Could you experienced people out there give me some general pricing on basic comercial accounts so I will have some guidelines when my consultant comes in with his #'s.

For instance we are bidding on a large account--25 acres with 24.5 acres being grass. 80% of the area is wide open and will accomodate a large mower. 20% will require a walk behind. Nothing fancy in the contract--basic mowing, trimming, edging, and blowing off concrete. Done weekly for 7 months.

Thanks in advance.