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I work for a non-profit agency that trains and places the disabled in productive employment. In order to place some of our clients we are beginning janitorial and landscaping (commercial) divisions. I have experience in janitorial but not landscaping. We are hiring a consultant to help with sbmitting bids and will be hiring experienced supervisors.

My question is this. Could you experienced people out there give me some general pricing on basic comercial accounts so I will have some guidelines when my consultant comes in with his #'s.

For instance we are bidding on a large account--25 acres with 24.5 acres being grass. 80% of the area is wide open and will accomodate a large mower. 20% will require a walk behind. Nothing fancy in the contract--basic mowing, trimming, edging, and blowing off concrete. Done weekly for 7 months.

Thanks in advance.


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Charleroi P.a
There is no set prices in commercial mowing, this is discussed all the time on this site. First you must determine your business overhead, estimate the time its going to take you to do this property. How many employees do you have, what do you pay them? There are no magical numbers for bidding comm. work. We bid comm. just like we bid res. the difference is the work that is involved I maintain some res. propertys that are higher priced then some comm. propertys and some comm. higher then res. Im not trying to be an ass. equitment has alot to do with it also some lco have top of the line mowers and must get x amount per hour where some have cheaper, and can get buy at a lower rate i can go on and on but i think you understand....


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Originally posted by dkeisala
This will probably sound crass we have to bid against non-profits?
Sorry but I am with dkeisala. I have one of these in my area and unfortunately for the major companies they allow tax incentives for hiring nonprofit mentality handicapped and physically handicapped people.
It makes it hard when the nonprofits come in with a crazy bid cause the labor is basically free. Yes free. Non profits get special tax incentives for working with handicaps, which basically makes what they do so low priced.
Sorry I wont give help because I might take food off of my fellow green machines table. You cut the price and make us work for less.
Good luck and I mean no offense to you as a person just can't handle the monies being stole from the local economy.


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Originally posted by welchv
My question is this. Could you experienced people out there give me some general pricing on basic comercial accounts so I will have some guidelines when my consultant comes in with his #'s.
Isn't this the exact reason you are hiring a consultant? If you hire a consultant, an you find yourself not getting any bids, he probably doesn't know general pricing on commercial accounts, an you might want to look into hiring someone different...

There is no way to give basic guidlines on commercial accounts..They are all different, for one reason or another.

Thats where your consultant comes in. His job is to give you the guidelines, an hire the supervisors. At least give you heads up on supervisors that can do the job.

Your question is really vague, an you probably wont get much help with this issue....


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There is an organization like this in my area too, while many times these orgs. try to help their people by giving them jobs, it hurts the industry because they work so cheap. The non-profit org. in my area charges just enough to cover gas cost (no kidding). They have the largest accounts on a waiting list and no one can compete with them. Why can't these orgs. just send their people to me (for no profit) and I will put them to work and I might buy them lunch, or maybe even dinner, after a very long day of work.


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Let me see if I have this picture right:
1. you want to get into the landscape and lawn maintenance business
2. but you know nothing about the green business
3. so you are going to hire a high priced consultant to teach you how to be in this business and tell you the numbers part of it
3. and now, you want the people who earn their living in this business (us) to act as your second layer of "consulting" so you can tell your consultant what his analysis should conclude?
4. all of this so you can go out and move in on accounts, at a fraction of the current fee, that are now being done by a guy who needs the account to put food on his table.

Most people here are very helpful..even to the competition. But anyone who would provide you with inside info in this situation is in need of a brain scan


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Send them to McDonalds or something...

By putting people who have no knowledge of turf or this industry in general, on properties, you are giving a really bad name to our industry..

NOT TO MENTION TAKING FOOD OFF OF OUR TABLES!!!! You need to remember, about 80% of us do this full time and it's our only income. The more non-profits and lowballers that start bidding, the less work us professionals have, which means less money.

Like I said before, send them someplace where they can't destroy a lawn. McDonalds, Burger King. But PLEASE stay out of the green industry, especially if you have no clue what you are doing......