Pricing gurus bid this job.

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    This is on a 2.5 acre lot. 2AB4A696-0094-4464-B7E1-FCBDD9C25FFE.jpeg
  2. sjessen

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    2.5 acres of grass or total?

    Is twice a year aeration and seeding common practice in our area?

    So, no Roundup in beds? Sq' of beds? Weedkiller in beds ok?
  3. OP

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    Yes weed killer is ok just not Round up.. Four beds total. Not sure of size didn’t measure them. I’d say just a hair over 2 acres is all grass. Some of the total of the 2.5 is the pool.
  4. Keith4216

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    I'm interested in what others will have to say on this one. Personally I can't give you any good info without seeing the property. Could be 2 acres of field or a corner lot with a mile of edgeing down the street around beds and pool area. How long will it take to mow trim edge and blow? Beds must have some size to need 200 bales. That would be $6 a bale installed in my area.
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  5. kemco

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    Big price difference on the pine straw my wholesale cost here is about $6 per bale. We charge $12 per installed. That's a few thousand dollars difference just on the pine straw vs ^.
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  6. Keith4216

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    That's great. I dislike straw only making $2 a bale. I try to push mulch which is $35 a yard to me.
  7. MowDaddy

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    So gly is fine as long as it's not round-up brand ?
    You haven't measured anything but wonder what we all would charge on a totally un-known maintenance bid ?
    Just a ballpark figure $500 to $25,000.
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  8. zlandman

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    This scope was put together by someone who has no idea what they need. Fungicide once? That's not going to do much if there's a problem that warrants fungicide. Preemergent once? Nope, wouldn't even bother here. That is unless you wanted to do max annual amount early spring. But that's not going to work with spring seeding.

    I'd put together a nice proposal of what they actually need and explain it to them.

    I despise customers that dictate exactly how it will be done then get mad at us when they don't like the results.
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  9. OP

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    So what would your proposal be & look like?
  10. hal

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    Simplify it, 4 monthly visits March through November (I know some will be 5) every 2 weeks December through February (Or 2 monthly visits) One aeration (Why 2?) Straw (Here) $ 10 per bale. All spraying should be as needed, same with turf program, cost per app. Shrubs? Leaves?
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