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    Hello everyone, this is my first thread so I wll give a brief history, as I think it may help with my question. Before I start I apologize for the length of this post, but my question is somewhat detailed and I want to make sure my thinking on this topic is correct. I am new to the Green Industry and just started our company about 7 months ago. I have been shocked at the rate of growth that a company can experience in this industry. In 7 months we have gone from 1 guy, a truck, and a z-turn mower, to a full property maintenance company, moving to 3 full crews, along with a snow plowing crew in the winter, a sales force, and a cutomer base that is growing out or controll. It has been a mojor learning experience
    Through all I have learned there still seems to be one topic that there is always some issues with. Estimating and bidding jobs. I hear people all the time say just go and see how long the job will take, find your hourly rate, mark up materials, and there you go. I Know I am probably going to get a lot of slack for this, but I absolutly hate this concept. I like knowing how long it will take me on average to mow a certian amount of sq feet, I like knowing exactly how much per plant of a certian size I will charge for trimming and so on. I have been able to calculate and come up with standard priceing formulas for alot of our services, but I am now trying to take that to the next step.
    Aside from this company I am also a computer programmer and have been working the last few months on creating a software for landscape company's to assist in estimating. The software has a form that takes about 15 min to feel out for every customer you go to do work for. This form covers every thing from square footage of lawn, mulched beds, drive, type of grass, type of mulch, # of types of plants, etc. When all that info is typed into the program it automatically fiqures pricing for EVERY service that a Lawn company would offer. From mowing, to bed creation, preasure washing, snow removal, mulching, and about 90 other services.
    This allows for a few different things. First of all the first time you visit a new customer, you fill out the form, and from then on you have an estimate on all work from then on out. When a customer calls and says they need you to come and give a price on mulch you have the bid before you even get to the house. Also it allows companys to now create a sales force. Before , if you wanted to have a sales crew, you needed a crew of peaple with a bit of lawn care knowledge. I can send any monkey out to fill out this form and bring it to me, to take to the customer. Some one let me know if anything I am saying here doesn't make sence.

    If anyone is intersted in helping with this I am basically looking for people to share with me any standardized pricing they have so I can get averages for the software programming. Any and all services you feel like helping with would be appreciated. From mowing, to snow, gutters, seeding, fert, EVERYTHING. If anyone finds a perticular interest in this development and really wants to offer some help, I do have alist of ALL the services I am trying to create types of formulas for.
    I really appreciate everyones time in reading through this and assisting. I think this could highly benifit all of us in the end.

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