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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by NJemerald, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. NJemerald

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    I have just been on an estimate that will require a 2' high x 60' long wall (techo-block/tumbled) w/4 - 6' wide steps in the middle.
    It will be constructed in a gentle slope in the back of the house. Access to area is not a real problem (just tight).

    Could someone help me with the pricing structure on these type of walls/excavating, as I'm am new to the "$"ing game..
    I've built walls before , just never for my "own pocket"
    would like to not "loose my shirt "on my first try... just maybe the sleeves..:D

    Thank you,
  2. PAPS

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    I'd be around $5000.00 for that job using Techo-Creta.
    $36.00 per face sq. I charge for Creta, on a smaller project such as that.
  3. LawnGuy73

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    I would be anywhere from $4,000-$6,000, depending on the working conditions...
  4. Rex Mann

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    When charging for walls please stay away from charging by the square face foot, SFF. What I mean is this: You meet with a homeowner A and tell them $35.00 SFF. You meet with homeonwer B and tell them $35.00 a SFF. Assume same materials same terrain.

    Homeowner A's wall is 200 feet long by 1 foot high = 200SFF X 35.00 = 7 large.

    Homeowner B's wall is 50 feet long by 4 feet high = 200SFF X 35.00= 7 large.

    Which wall will take longer to build?

    The homeowner A wall. Base couse takes the longest amout of time in building courses in a wall.

    It is better to have a price for base course, which would be higher, and a price for all other courses.

    We build a price for each job we bib. From amount of excavation be it hand or machine to amount if base to number of cuts and waste and on and on....

    Good luck on bidding. Remember, it is better to bid to high and not get the job then to bid to low and loose your entire shirt. You end up paying them to build their wall.

    When I started there were not sites like this one. It was all trial and error. And believe me, those errors were expensive!


    Rex Mann

    RM Stonescaping
  5. hollywood

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    Rex Mann,

    That was very good advice. We recently encountered a pricing problem with a wall. It was approx. 180' long and 3' high. By pricing a SFF we were way off. The base course took twice as long as planned and the manhours paid out ate alot of the profit margin. This was a job for a community association and we would like more work in this development so we took the loss in hopes of future gains.

    I wish I had read your post before this job.:cry:

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