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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by johngreen, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. johngreen

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    In my area it seems like aeration prices are by sq ft. I had a quote of 6.oo per1000 sq ft. can you price mowing in the same way?
  2. AlleganyLawnCare

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    I don't know about the other guys and gals here, but at $6 per sf for mowing is awful expensive. $600 for aeration for 1000sf is too much here where I live. So I know I couldn't get that much for mowing. I base my rates more on an hourly charge. $45/hr. Figure approx. how long it takes to do what in an hour and go from there.
  3. Property Pro

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    How do you get $600 for 1000sqft. He said he quotes $6 per 1000sqft. At that price he would have to do 100,000sqft to to charge $600. Around here companies are charging around $10-$12 per 1000sqft.
  4. daveintoledo

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    there are way too many variables, trimming, slopes, obsticals.,...... try the search, this has been discussed alot......price by the time it will take to complete the job

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    If We Charge $25 For The Mow Then We Charge $50 For Aeration. Because For Best Results You Need To Do It In 2 Directions.
  6. cklands

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    The big problem with that is the mowers are wider than the aerators. So the aerating takes longer. Around these parts people are getting anywhere from $8-$12 depending on the property and how much other work you do for them.
  7. one man gang

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    With all due respect my man you could probably get $100 per and people would jump all over $75.
  8. topsites

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    No, you can NOT price grass-cutting like this nor should you price aeration thusly because the larger lots are less $ / sq. foot.

    I charge 120 dollars to aerate an acre, because it takes me 2 hours but that's not the real reason: The real reason is 120 / acre is a competitive price and is in line with the going rates.

    With the formula of $6 / 1k, you would come out to 260 dollars because an acre is 43,560 square feet, so 43.5 x 6 = 260.

    For cutting grass, I charge 60 / acre because it takes me one hour (but it also happens to be the going rate / acre around here <- this last is actually the determining factor).
  9. topsites

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    Here's a quide of sorts, adjust if need be:

    Aeration: $40 minimum.
    1/4 acre = $45
    1/3 acre = $50
    1/2 acre = 60
    2/3 acre = 75
    3/4 acre = 90
    Full acre = 120
    (this isn't exact, I just came up with it)

    (but this is)
    Grass-cutting: $35 minimum.
    - 1/4 acre lot: Avg. $ 35.00
    - 1/3 acre lot: Avg. $ 40.00
    - 1/2 acre lot: Avg. $ 45.00
    - 2/3 acre lot: Avg. $ 50.00
    - 3/4 acre lot: Avg. $ 55.00
    One acre lot: Avg. $ 60.00
    1.5 acres $85, 2 acres 110.00
    2.5 = 135, 3 = 155, 4 = 195.
    5=230, 6=260, 7=285, 8=310.

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