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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pclawncare, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. pclawncare

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    Ok i posted this at the business managment forum, but only got 2 people that even looked at it and no comments so i am gona try this one. I am bidding on a pretty big contract about 15 to 16 acres of mowing. Several different sites involved and i have figured up my cost for the most part the only thing that i cant figure because i do not know is my labor. I know what id like to made per hour and i already have all the equipment that i would need including a 61" grasshopper. I have never had a full time employee that i have paid taxes and workers comp for on. I have figured this contract will take about 20 hours to complete with 1 helper. Just to be safe lets figure 25 hours per week of work to complete the entire contract. Starting pay for the helper will be around $9 per hour. What is everyones actual cost per hour for an employee after work comp and taxes? I know someone on here has figured this even if you pay your help a little more a ball park would be nice. Im just trying to figure up my cost to ensure that i dont screw my self over
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    I have always been told to allow 50% (if you pay $9/hr, allow$13.50). That should get you a ballpark figure.
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    the most precise way to know, is simply call you in business insurer and ask them. mine was an initial price of $250, towards teh year, the rest paid either quarterly, bi-annual, or annual and works out to be about 20% of pay. so pretend you pay $10/hr instead of nine per hour, for every hour its $2 workmans comp.
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    If Im not wrong dont they pay their own taxes,you just take out the money.
  5. pclawncare

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    Yes i believe this is right. I think most of my cost will be the workers comp insurance? Any thing else i need for employees? As far as making them legal anyway

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