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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Schlepie, Feb 28, 2002.

  1. Schlepie

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    I have a customer that has about 5.5 hrs of hedge trimming, small tree pruning, fill dirt , ect. to be done. If my hrly rate is $30 per hour and the sub is at $10 per hr. , how do I price the job when it is done? Would the job go 1/2 as fast with 2 ( including myself ) 1/3 of the time with 3 and charge $60 for 2 and $90 per hr with 3........ I DON'T KNOWWW:cry:

    Thanks for your help guys

  2. Ground Master

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    Not sure if I understand your question but, 5.5 hours at $30.equals $165.00-----thats what you would charge, Right?

    If your sub charges 10 (surely he can't even have insurance at this rate) , he will charge you $55.00. Therefore you make $110.00 for doing nothing.

    The job would never go half as fast with 2 guys on the job. The best you could hope for is 3 hours.
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    Man, 5 hrs. of hedgetrimming? I must be a lightweight, cause my back starts to hurt after an hour. I am 6-4 though and I have to stoop and bend a lot. Maybe that's a signal that I need to farm this out to a part timer! :)
  4. Schlepie

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    Thanks guys, I think I found what I was looking for. Pricing it per man hour. 30-35 per man hour. Sounds good to me

  5. If your sub is doing it buy the hour and your getting paid for by the job and you know it's a 5.5 hour job.

    Then pay him for a set amount like what was posted above, and let him do all the work.

    If he takes longer then no more out of your pocket, if it goes faster then he made more an hour.

    What ever you do, you should add $$/make something on top of what you pay the sub.

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