pricing in TN, Middle TN?

Discussion in 'Network: South' started by Braxton, May 22, 2005.

  1. Braxton

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    from TN
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    Anyone in Middle TN willing to share your pricing structure for various services? I'm just starting this year and having trouble getting the hang of estimates; always too high or too low. Services including mowing, mulching, bed renovation, weeding, debris removal, and whatever else you want to share.

    Feel free to PM if you like.

    Thanks much.

  2. katsavage

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    What you are charging really depends on what area of middle Tennessee you are working, how many people are on your crews, and how much your costs are. When you bid a yard think about how much time it will take you to cut it. Figure out how much money you need to make to break even for that time, and then tack on your profit. Make sure you have a minimum price for your yards. Say you will not do a yard for less than $30. An acre lot should run at least $50, if not more. Mulch should be between $55 and $75 a yard for delivery and spreading. Where are you located?

  3. Updog

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    I didn't start the thread but I was just looking for the same info. I just moved to murfreesboro from vidalia ga. It looks like if you cut grass here you are busy, I saw quite a few guys cutting on Sunday. The 30 dollar yard is all I'm looking for. I had two guys working with me before but I think if I can get 10-12 30$ yards a day by myself solo will be the way to go. I moved here following my wifes job that was a strange transition but she got offered some good money and I figured I could start up again in God's Country. We are from the eastside of chattanooga and so happy to be back in TN.
  4. ClippersLC

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    Hey Braxton,
    First off you need to set a minimum price that you will work for, Personally I have a $35 minumum, I wont unload the truck for less than that and would advise you to do the same ($30 the absolute lowest). Personally, I try to shoot for the $1 a minute rule. If I have a $45 job and I can have all the equipment back on the truck and my butt in the drivers seat heading off in less than 40 minutes I consider that good time. If it takes me longer than 45 minutes I consider that not good. Hope this helps. payup
  5. ccwmlw

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    Murfreesboro is full of potential, but it is also full of competition. The best way to get yards is to be honest and ask for referrals that works better than anything.
  6. Updog

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    Thanks for replying first off I am not a low baller by any means. I do make a dollar per minute when things go smoothly. I just would rather have a bunch of smaller 5-10k yards it seems like these tend to be the most proffitable for me. I am glad you are so freindly to others the last area I lived in not many lcos talked kindly to one another. I shouldn't be to much competition though I'm just looking for 30 small yards mon-wed I am trying to become am instructor for skydiving so I will be doing that thurs-sat.

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