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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by connorfaber91, Jun 22, 2011.

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    I usually don't get involved with these jobs but one of my customers asked me to lay sod for him in place of what used to be one of those playground things for kids. This was a 550 sq. ft. area with pea gravel spread 3 inches deep. Before I put down the sod I had to remove the pea gravel and brick siding, there was about 5 cubic yards or 7.5 tons of gravel (if 1 cubic yard is equal to 1.4 tons). It took me and one of my guys 5 hours to remove the gravel and the brick siding. To haul this gravel to the dump it took me 3 loads and the dump was 5 miles away. Once the gravel was all out I tilled up all 550 sq. ft. which took me one hour. I then layed down the 550 sq. ft. of sod which took me 2-3 hours. I have never done a job like this before so I dont have much of an idea how to establish my prices.

    My questions are:
    1. What should I charge for removing the pea gravel and brick siding? Should I price this by the hour or cubic yard?

    2. How should I determine my haul fee to the dump?

    3. What should I charge for my 1 hour labor of tilling?

    4. Should I price laying sod by the hour or Sq. Ft. and what should my rate be?

    I have spent a lot of time researching trying to figure out a price but cant find the info I need so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long post.Thanks
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    You didn't agree on a price before you did the work?

    I would charge time and materials at that point. I would charge around $700 for labor and hauling everything away. Plus whatever materials cost you. Sounds like it's about a 1grand job to me, but hard to say without seeing it.
  3. connorfaber91

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    I didnt give him a bid before the job. He just told me to get it done and charge whatever its worth.
  4. Agreen-go

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    I hope you know him well.Not saying the guy won't pay what you ask but man that is so dangerous to do a job like that with out atleast a good base price.
    I know it's hard to price these jobs sometimes because of all the different things that come up but on the same hand after it's done and the customer says your price is too high you don't have a leg to stand on and those are hard lessons to learn.
    I would price this job no less than $1200-$1300 out here.
  5. connorfaber91

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    I told him around 900 for this job before I started. I said that was just a rough estimate to give him an idea and told him it could be a little more since this job is a little out of my comfort zone and don't know exactly how to price it. He never even asked me to give him a bid, maybe because he makes a lot of money and is real busy.
  6. Agreen-go

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    sometimes you can come out ahead,
    I'm sure you'll see alot of posts that start that way and end up, "I screwed myself"
    I wish you wife said my price was a little low but that's because I make her work the shovel.:laugh:

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