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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by stephen424, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. ALC-GregH

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    What did you charge?
  2. Streamline1

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    Approx cost of project would be 1500 to 2k. Might suggest "tiering" the slope to reduce erosion. like the look of the needles though.
  3. stephen424

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    Like I said...the trees/shrubs/top soil/needles cost $705. I paid someone $100 to help. Rented an auger for $45.

    Her total was $1650...

    That's fair right?
  4. Premier landscaping south

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    Not knowing the specific cost of trees and bales of straw it's tough to make a accuratte estimate but I would guess around $1160 (total invoice)give or take.

  5. alf500series

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    you might also want to tell her to watch her dog when it pees around the air unit. the urine is acidic and will eat thru the lines if not careful. just ask the captain on my crew. $1200 worth of repairs later his dogs can't get anywhere near his.
  6. flascaper

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    Sorry I won't help you with the pricing but man this looks like hell. Why did you go with needles? I do not see any edging dug in for the bed lines to hold in the mulch. Is there fabric? The planting arrangement has no pattern either. The spacing between the Crapes is way off as is everything else. You need help with landscaping not pricing I won't even look at that.
  7. stephen424

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    1. I went with needles cause (A) that's what she wanted and (B) if you can read I clearly said she had a limited budget
    2. Edging to hold mulch! What mulch? Anyway, I had to till the area in front of needles so no need for edge right now
    3. Fabric is there.
    4. Crapes aren't at all. All are 7 feet apart. You just can't tell cause of angle of picture.
    5. Hollys have pattern as well.
    6. Landscaping is art anyway, so if there wasn't a "pattern" it wouldn't be that big of a deal
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  8. ALC-GregH

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    How long did it take to do all that? I know my "go to" helper for the day and myself could have that done in 3-4hrs. Maybe less if I don't drag my feet. I would also have hand dug all the holes for the trees and shrubs/plants. Why rent a auger for such a small job? That's just more money your putting out plus the pick up and return time. I'd say close to $1200 out the door for everything. Your price is pretty high and you even know she's on a tight budget. :nono: And as stated by another forum participant, there is no retainer cut out on the beds. It looks like you just threw it down on the lawn. I think you did a OK job but it wouldn't meet my standards.
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  9. stephen424

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    Condition of soil is why I used auger. Very rocky and compacted clay here in nc.
    There's no way you would have done that job in 3 hours with two people with shovels.
    $1200 out the door!!! Yea you're not very profitable, IMO.
    Like I stated, the materials alone were $705. And that's at cost. Typically I upcharge materials, don't you?
    And like I said, I tilled the area in front of the pine (not shown). So that's why there's no edge.

    But $1200!! Let's see, materials with an upcharge plus gas would cost you $1000.
    You would have made a $100 profit after paying your worker!
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  10. flascaper

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    I looked at the pics again and do see a spacing issue with the plants. The right side starts out more compact and spreads wide towards the left i do not see any issue with camera angle and there is no way there is 7 ft between the last crape and second in. Im not busting on you for fun or think I know it all but your landscape has issues that need to be addressed. Dealing with budgets is a pain I know its been a rough year for landscaping and mowing. If you want to do more installs concentrate on quality installs with any budget. Do not use an auger for small installs dig the damn holes. Mulch at the most costs 22-23 bucks per yard at 100 sq ft per yard. charge additional 25 to install more for distance. 3gal plants cost me 5-6 bucks a piece charge 9-10 and add on 6 ea to install. My crapes are mutli cane 30 gal cost 65bucks charge em 85 plus 25 ea to install. always raise the cost of materials to ensure you dont get screwed on gas or pick up. Hide costs in the estimate. Use quikbooks as well and E-mail that sucker in a nice package. I design by hand care of U of De Ag college no CADS they all suck. By some nice color felt pens like stradler scan save on jump drive and send it with pics on a formal E-mail. No world series tonight so here I am. Good Luck my friend.

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