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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by stephen424, Nov 1, 2009.

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    My qoute is $1200.00

    All cost for example.

    20 bails pine s. 90.00

    4 crapes 292.00

    fabric 30.00

    compost 25.00

    hydrangea 20.00

    holly 150.00

    Say estimated $600.00 in material for me.

    I hand dig all holes and do this job myself. Keeping your overhead down helps you give that homeowner a better price.

    I make $600 from that job and am very happy. I could manage that job in one whole day. Plus homeowner loves price and will recommend you to Friends and family.

    I am very big on bed edging. good deep sharp edge my Friend always sets of a bed job. Could have suggested not so many holly and save money to go with a edge.

    Good job though and keep at it. Hope this helps.

  2. stephen424

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    there is no spacing issue with the plants. you're going by a picture taking at a certain angle. i was actually trust me. plus i work in architecture as well so i know how to use a tape measure. i measured the area about 10 times, flagged it...everything. just trust me on that one. i have more pics from str8 on that i'll upload soon and you'll be able to see better.

    About digging holes versus using an auger. It would have taken me twice as long to dig the holes versus using an auger, with the soil condition. So why strain and take up more time to dig 22 holes when I can just rent an auger for $45 and dig all holes in no time. Makes more sense to me to use an auger. What's the benefit of a shovel?

    Yes, mulch is about $23/yard here. And mulch would have cost more than the price of needles. So I'm not following you on that one at all. If the customer wants pine plus they're cheaper...what's the benefit of mulch????

    3gal plants cost you 5-6! That's cool. Those are 7 gal needle point hollys. They cost me $11.25 each. See thats why I say the angle of the camera is throwing you off. You thought those were 3 gal plants and they're 7. I'll have to show you closer pics, from str8 on.

    100 sg ft per yard? Are you spreading that 1" deep?
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    Note: No rocks in the ground in fla. When we hit something its either a)irrigation line b)root c)cable or d) florida rock or basicaly concrete left behind after they built the house and one more thing fall and winter down here doesnt matter dig year round.
  4. stephen424

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    Needles cost me $90
    Crapes were $80 per ($340 plus tax)
    Garden soil and some fill dirt for eroded areas - $40
    Hydrangea was $10.35
    Hollys were $11.25/per...bought 18 ($220)

    So we're at $700 already without even stepping on the property...

    Fabric was $42
    I killed the whole area with quickpro...add another...ohhh...$10 for that

    So we're at roughly $750

    Gas to drive out there twice (first time to kill hill, second time to do project). Gas is $2.69 here. And the ol V8 Titan loves to drink! Add another $30 for gas.

    We're at $780

    Labor to kill hour @ $35/hour...We're at $815

    So I think my price was fair...being that I gave her the plants at cost. I should have charged $2000
  5. flascaper

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    ok I use to live up in delaware and 1994 I started this business there and worked in Pa and know about those friggin rocks so 45 bucks is worth it and yes they do not look like 7 gal plants I apologize. how much did you pay for those crapes and what gal are they. I am spoiled here since crapes is an art form to these nurseries with canes being formed by splints and spacing has to be triangular. If its just the picture and angle thats the issue then its a perfect landscape and if the customer is happy and you got paid then frack it right?? all you seem to be doing is defending yourself and all we are doing is giving constructive criticism. Thats the point of this forum and that is how you should aproach it.
  6. stephen424

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    I'm not defending myself at all...just stating facts. You can't read emotion thru a forum so don't take it that way.
    Crapes are 15gal and they go for $79.99...those are Tonto crapes.
    You're doing good to get 30gal crapes in the 60s.
    I could have gotten 15 gal crapes at a local nursery for $60, but all sales final, no warranty. So I got them at Shemin...1 year warranty.
  7. Premier landscaping south

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    I would like to use an auger to. But I am solo. You directed this to solo operaters right? Plus Unfortunatly I am not so extremly busy that taking an extra few hour to dig holes will put me behind. I feel you on the shoveling becasue I am down here in SC where God and clay reigns. I use a maddex and a shovel to dig tree holes.

    Job is well done my friend. Like I said before always edge at least 4". I try for 5 to 6inches deep. Edge Edge Edge. Just my 2 cents.

    Thier will never be a certain formula. Everyone has a certain dollar amount per hour. I shoot for $30 an hour. It's a good competative rate in my area and keeps me steady. again I am solo so that means no WC insurance, extra uniforms, ECT.

    Keep and open mind and hope to see more of your work.

    God bless

  8. flascaper

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    Look You did well you made money bills got paid.When dealing with people you adjust to their needs and go against the grain to sell a job. Sometimes you can raise the bar and at times lower the bar as far as profit is concerned.
    I think 80 dollars for a 15 gal crape is insane but you live in North Carolina and pricing differs depending on the expense to grow certain crops. The landscape business is climate. If you are up north you are bitching about the cold and snow removal the nurseries are lucky if they sell pointsettias at xmas since thats their big sale for the season(I use to be a grower) You send pics of a landscape job that in my opinion needs to be scutinized and opinions will follow. I would give my left nut for all the answers and meanings for how and why this business works. This is a game like any other profession and if you profit well with high ratings then hats off to you but remember that when when or if you have a web site do not post pics you do not feel 100% comfortable with.
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    Giving the numbes you provided, I'd probably have charged about $1300.
  10. Landscape Poet

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    :laugh::laugh:If you hit something down here....LOL....I used to live in Missouri and can testify to this - digging down here require nothing but a shovel - sometimes that is overkill:laugh::laugh:

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