Pricing large combo Mowing, Shrub trimming, and Fertilizing res. acc. (PICS)

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Terra-Scapes, Sep 11, 2006.

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    I need a little help pricing a large yard. I will be running a fertilizing program, trimming the shrubs and trees around the house and possible cutting the yard (the home owner enjoys cutting the yard, but it takes him 6+ hrs to do and he does a terrible job.)

    The yard is 66000 square feet or 1.5 acres. I will be running an 8 pt fert program 3 pre-emg/1 lime/4 fert applications. The shurbs, trees, and bushes need to be trimmed 2-3 times a year and he also wants them fertilized.

    I figured $225 an application for fertilizing etc. $200 to trim and $100 or so to cut. I figured since he is signing a contract for the fert and trimming/ bed maintained I could give him a package deal on cutting/trimming/and fert.

    There are approximately 40 small bushes 2-3 feet tall, 20 knee high, and 10 trees chest and higher.

    What do you guys thing?

    Copy of PICT0595.JPG

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    More pictures.

    Copy of PICT0600.JPG

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    that seems managable... how long do you think it will take you to cut..... $100 seems a little low for 1.5 acres.... compared to what we would get here. i would be getting about 130 or so... but if your making good money off the trim and fert and can make it seem like he's getting a deal on the mowing then sure why not. also take into account how rough that ground may be /is it doesnt look too smooth from the pics so consider that you wont be mowing really fasst either.
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    Heck I'll give it a try. Personally I would say 640 per month year round contract. The fertilizing sounds about righ at 225, however I would say 130 per cut if he agrees to year round contract otherwise 150-160 per cut.

    year round:
    130 a cut(42 weeks)= 5460
    +8 Fert apps(225 per app)=1800
    + 2Trim Bushes (200) = 400

    Total = 7660 /12= 638.33 rounding up to 640 a month

    Otherwise 200 a month year round for fert apps + trim bushes.

    Thats how I would do it, but since I haven't been in this business(planning on getting back spring 2007) since 2002 take it for what its worth.

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