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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by One Degree, Feb 24, 2003.

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    I was going to see how everyone prices applying herbicides and Fertilizers. I came up with a 6 step and an 8 step program. I was thinking about $10/1,000 ft2. I was wandering if charging by 1000ft/2 is how most of you do it or do you just charge a certain amount per application. I have about 3 competitors in my town (Approx 20,000 people) but larger surrounding towns. My competitors seem to only spray 2-4 times per year which is fine if the grass is healthy and weed free. It seems that they are not getting the lawns weed free, so I figure I can offer a better program than my competitor. Please give me some feedback on how much to charge and what to consider when expanding my business to spraying. I have found that insurance/licenses etc. will run $800/year. Sprayer $1,700. Chemicals $600 startup. It will cost me approx $3,000 to get started. I already have approx. 10 verbal agreements on lawn treatments but would plan to advertise my service upon starting. All feedback is appreciated.

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