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    Hey Guys, been in the mowing business 13 years, since last summer I’ve backed off and let my employees start to handle everything. I’m trying to figure out if my prices are outdated and I’m still living in 2010. Thursdays and Fridays are our worst per hour days. 3 guys are averaging about 85.00 per hour with drive time. I tell people we have a 25.00 minimum, and the price goes up from there, 80% of our residentials fall in the 25-30.00 range. Are others doing 30.00 minimum or more? I feel I should be making 30-35.00 per man hour, 100-105, total for a 3 man crew. Paying 2 guys 15.00 per hour, and the 3rd 13.00 per hour doesn’t leave much. Monday’s are our best day in Ann Arbor, but most stops have 2-4 houses, and they average about 100-105. Some issues I believe are from double cuts but still seems low. And also cleanups, I’ve been charging 95.00 per hour for a 3 man crew sucking leaves up with a billy goat 16hp debris loader, obviously hauling leaves away but charging nothing extra for that. Thanks
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    You're living in 1991.
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    Lol, well what’s the going rate in 2019....
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    Some one in meatchiken will have to answer that.
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    Lol, never hard that 1 before
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    Are you currently making any profit (profit is what is left after: paying employees, maintaining equipment, replacing equipment, renting shop space, insurance, Worker comp, payroll software, billing software, office time, owners salary(THIS IS NOT YOUR PROFIT, THIS IS A PERCENTAGE OF YOUR HOURLY RATE)
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    our cheapest lawn is 35$ we dropped everyone under 45$ unless it was a multiple lawn stop e.g four lawns at $35 little but different lawns than Belleville or A2, different income levels as well.

    Btw capt Nemos has pretty good subs...
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    I am making a profit, but doesn’t seem high enough for everything I have invested. Capt Nemo’s definitely has good food
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    Hey Dan, yes your pricing is low.
    Have you ever raised prices in 13 years? If not why?

    Also why a 3 man crew?
    I would talk to your 2 guy's making $15 tell them your raising their pay to $17 and are dropping the 3rd guy.
    If there is truly more work than the 2 of them can handle, start chopping off the least profitable lawns you have, and any lawns with long drive time. You've been paying 3 guys $50 per hr drive time. With only 2 guy's your saving $15 for each drive time hr now.
    Starting next season, of the remaining clients increase each of them $3- $5 .
    And bump up your minimum.
    Cost of living goes up every yr, your workers appreciate raises. The only way that can happen is if you keep up with times.

    Good luck.

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