Pricing lawns in Michigan

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    I work in Detroit, and the downriver area. I have a 30 dollar minimum, last year, my minimum was 35.
    $30 is too much for most around here, so ,80 percent of estimates get reject, by the customer. But I'm stubborn. if I give a price its non negotiable.
    If they say something like " I'll give you $20 to mow my lawn" , I charge them 35 minimum.
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    It's hard here because most people live on bridge cards and disability, and social security. most people only make 1200 per month most households make less then $2000 per month, average wage around here is $10. I refuse to be one of them.
    But I understand from their point of view, they need to work 3 to 4 hrs, for me to come in and work for 20 to 30 minutes.
    But, like I always say. If you cant afford lawn service, you dont get lawn service.
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    Exactly, they can buy a push mower.
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    This was my schedule for friday. 1 newb in a truck. $25,45,40,40,45. About noon to 6. I am learning on every job. I also picked up two new acounts friday for future service. Mowed the 1 Saturday for $50. Thanks.
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    You start mowing at noon, lol.
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    I believe he also has another job.

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    If we are talking Detroit then half the regular going rate ($70 per man hour) is prob about right.
    Have you tried improving efficiency? Using the right Mower & trimmer setup on each lawn ?
    Are u sending 3 guys to a lawn that has 10 minutes of trimming and 1hour mowing - but only 2 mowers? trim guy milks 5 minutes into 30 ?
    Minutes count if your bread and butter is mowing then focus on getting every lawn timed to th minute and find out where you maybe loosing big. A couple low priced lawns will drag your per man hour right down.
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    1 newb in a truck. Today i worked from 10 till 4. $50,35,25,30,45,15,40. I have been passing on lots of work that is not close. Working on close proximity and density. So it seems mowing if i stay busy i can bill out about 250 ish. A day. Thanks.
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